Pile of CPUs

Billions of Computer Devices Won’t Get Intel’s Spectre Fix

17 Product Groups Named-Their Production Halted and Update Support Ended After Irrefutable Evidence Uncovered Flaw in Intel Chips. The information about the Spectre attacks came to light back in January 2018. Intel and other technology firms and vendors were made aware of research findings by Paul Kocher from and Jann Horn from Google Project Zero. Paul’s collaboration […]

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Mobile Apps

Top 12 New Apps on the Market

ccording to Pew Research, 77 percent of all Americans now carry a smartphone. There has even been a dramatic increase in smartphone usage for those over 50 years old. As Americans realize how many tasks they can get done on their phones, new and completely radical apps are being created. Today’s smartphones have powerful processors […]

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no stress moving

Your Top 5 Easy Technology and Office Moving Tips

Your company is busting at the seams. Staff is piled on top of each other. You’re growing, but the building isn’t. The time has come to move your office and your technology. Where do you begin?  If you stick with us, we have it all sorted out for you, with our “Top 5 Easy Technology and […]

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The Latest Expansions To Microsoft Office 365 Will WOW You!

The wildly popular subscription-based Microsoft Office 365 offers an ever-expanding application gallery. The latest additions to the line-up are sure to excite professional users. The professional landscape today appears quite different from photos of workspaces and desktops 30 years ago. For one, shoulder pads are no longer as common! At one point, smoking and the […]

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3 Google Search Tips You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

There is more to “Google-ing it” than meets the eye… Google is a super powerful tool to look for information, but have you ever been frustrated trying to find an answer? “Google” has become a verb in every day language. Google is synonymous with fast and easy online answer-seeking, and yet for many of us, […]

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Are You Still Using Ransomware Friendly Anti-Virus?

Mid-market and Large Firms Have Already Moved Away From Legacy Anti-Virus and Switched To Next-Generation Endpoint Protection To Escape Ransomware Infection, Why Are You Still Doing It The Old Way? It was getting increasingly clearer starting in 2006, that the traditional antivirus methods were no longer able to keep up with the ever changing threat landscape.  […]

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