8 Tips to Better Secure Your Mobile Device

These days, we use our mobile devices for everything. From payment of goods and services to banking, web browsing, and even for entertainment purposes. Our phones are always in our hands, or very close by. And we keep so much personal information on them, with the...

security for mobile device

Time to Return Back to the Office

With an attempt to slowly reopen the economy, businesses are preparing, like New York and New Jersey begin phases of its reopening plans. With months of lockdown measures, used to control the spread of COVID-19, non-essential businesses are set to begin the slow...

secure your workplace

Importance of Cyber Insurance in Your Business

In the world we live in, data breaches and cybercrime is very common. You may have noticed a rise in this lately even through the Coronavirus pandemic. Hackers are taking advantage of people every chance they get even during a pandemic. With any type of cybercrime...

Importance of Cyber Insurance in Your Business

Importance of Data Backup in Your Business

Don't wait till it's too late! You need to be backing up your data periodically and even during this quarantine. This should be a priority in your business or even in your personal life. Often times though backups are neglected and are not very high on your...

digital security

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