Login Best Practices: Why You Should Be Using Strong Password Management & Multifactor Authentication

As network security software gets stronger and more able to adapt to the tactics used by hackers to breach your system, the more those criminals target other methods of entry, like login passwords.

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The 4 Best Ways to Protect Your Business from Dangerous Phishing Attacks

One of the most basic forms of network infiltration comes via an email disguised to be legitimate, aka a phishing email. If a hacker gets an unsuspecting user with network credentials to download a malicious file from an attachment or website link, they can often sneak past certain network security. Phishing is one of the […]

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Are You a Target?

The Quick answer is YES! When discussing security issues with clients, family, or people we meet while networking, the common reaction we get is, “Why would anyone want to hack me?” or “What are they going to gain from my info?”  Each malicious actor has some sort of end-goal in mind. Cyber-criminals, for example, are […]

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Top 4 Tips for Working at Coffee Shops or Other Public Places

Most of us have used public WiFi in a coffee shop, hotel, or airport. I still haven’t met anyone who is mobile or travels for work that can say they haven’t.  Running or working in a business typically means you’re not in your own four walls and you have to use someone else’s, especially public, […]

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How Microsoft Helps Combat Today’s Security Challenges

Your team is more mobile than ever, which means they can work from nearly anywhere, at any time, as long as they have a connection to the internet. As great as that may sound, it poses a bunch of new security challenges and raises the chance of a security breach. How about these stats: The […]

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Pile of CPUs

Billions of Computer Devices Won’t Get Intel’s Spectre Fix

17 Product Groups Named-Their Production Halted and Update Support Ended After Irrefutable Evidence Uncovered Flaw in Intel Chips. The information about the Spectre attacks came to light back in January 2018. Intel and other technology firms and vendors were made aware of research findings by Paul Kocher from and Jann Horn from Google Project Zero. Paul’s collaboration […]

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