Case Studies

How we helped StarVest Partners


Meet StarVest Partners

StarVest Partners is a New York City-based venture capital firm with over two decades of experience investing in technology-enabled, business-to-business services companies, with a sector focus on software as a service (SaaS), data and analytics, ecommerce Infrastructure and digital marketing services.

Like all venture capital firms, they needed to make sure that their technology was secure and efficient so they could fulfill their fiduciary duty to their constituencies. They needed to increase the protection of their data, optimize their infrastructure, and migrate to the cloud.

How we did it

We assessed the current state of their IT infrastructure and systems to identify any security vulnerabilities and hardware gaps. Then, we worked to make sure that their infrastructure was up to date and optimized to help them work efficiently. Lastly, we migrated them to the cloud so that they could collaborate and communicate with both their team and partners while working remotely. Throughout the entire process we offered them quick support and education to address any issues and to teach them how to use the cloud.


Improving and streamlining their IT infrastructure and systems along with increasing their cybersecurity gives them peace of mind while helping them focus 100% of their attention on their clients. They have also been able to get more work done in less time because of their cloud migration and its positive impacts on their ability to communicate and collaborate better remotely.

How we helped Vedanta Capital develop, maintain and optimize

a robust cybersecurity program to keep them protected.  

Meet Vedanta Capital

Vedanta Capital provides equity capital for technology, health, and consumer companies so they can continue to operate and grow during critical stages. They have been involved in funding for Starbucks, Costco, Pet Smart, Verisign, Metro PCS (T-Mobile), and more.  
Vedanta wanted to leverage their technology to address their communications and cybersecurity concerns. They knew they needed to continually improve and update their cybersecurity measures to say ahead of the continually changing threat landscape. 

How we did it

We installed and set up their VoIP business phone system and updated it as new and improved services became available. We track all the newly released cybersecurity tools and techniques and selected the best fits to add and integrate into their cybersecurity program. We’ve also helped strategize and implement the best ways to track and share their data securely with investors to ensure a great user experience.  


They experienced consistent improvements in their communications and uptime. In particular, the team remained more connected and engaged during COVID-19 restrictions. In addition, they’ve developed a stronger defense against cyberattacks and can continue to integrate new cybersecurity technologies with ease to remain protected.  

“We have worked closely with Raffi and his team for now over a decade. Though our firm is one of the smaller businesses in our industry, our technology platform is very sophisticated, which allows us to compete more effectively. Triada has helped integrate our software and platforms while delivering customized solutions and rapid response times. Also, Raffi has personally stepped in to develop a rapid and appropriate solution whenever we’ve had an IT issue. If you’re looking for an IT firm that provides personal assistance, customized solutions, and has in-depth knowledge and experience in technology for financial services firms, add them to your shortlist. We’ve had an excellent experience with Triada Networks.”

Anthony Clemente, CEO, Canaras Capital Management