We don’t do it alone…

At Triada Networks we partner with technology and cybersecurity firms to bring best-in-class solutions to our clients.

Partners in Technology

Cisco is a leader in networking and security at both the SMB and the Enterprise. Getting Enterprise Threat intelligence from their Cisco Talos Group to the smallest of networks.

Datto provides best-in-case business continuity solutions normally only available to large enterprises.  Improve your ability to recover from a small event to an outright disaster.

Looking for a way to securely host your business files for your distributed/work-from-home-or-anywhere firm?

Egnyte provides an easy to use, “drive letter” access to your documents, with all the same security features you expect from an on-premises file server.


FileCloud is the Hyper-Secure content collaboration platform

Hosted by FileCloud, in your private cloud, we’re able to provide you secure, compliant file sharing that you can use internally, with your investors, and other partners. More capable than Dropbox or Google Drive without the high cost of Citrix Sharefile or Intralinks.

Message Watcher delivers a platform to manage all of your communication archiving needs for security compliance including email, Bloomberg, Social media, and WhatsApp.

Triada Networks is a Silver Partner with Microsoft. We’ve been working with Microsoft Technologies since the mid-90’s, before Triada was a sparkle in our founders’ eyes.

Whether its your on-premises private cloud environment, databases, your desktops; or its your cloud infrastructure, including Microsoft Office 365; we’ve got the experience to get the most out of your investments.


Todyl is a Unifying security platform that protects endpoints regardless of where they are connecting from, providing secure access to your digital assets.