“We have worked closely with Raffi and his team for now over a decade. Although our firm is one of the smaller businesses in our industry, our technology platform is very sophisticated, which allows us to compete more effectively. Triada has helped integrate our software and platforms while delivering customized solutions and rapid response times. Also, Raffi has personally stepped in to develop a rapid and appropriate solution whenever we’ve had an IT issue. If you’re looking for an IT firm that provides personal assistance, customized solutions, and has in depth knowledge and experience in technology for financial services firms, add them to your shortlist. We’ve had an excellent experience with Triada Networks.”

Anthony Clemente
CEO, Canaras Capital Management

“Triada Networks provides a personalized service that is very professional. Their response speed is equally matched by a problem-solution approach. Raffi represents a rare breed of entrepreneurs with whom I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from for over 12 years. He provides rich technical expertise that he updates every single day. Additionally, he brings to the table practical and commonsense wisdom that is focused on problem-solving. His work ethic wins him the trust and admiration of clients and colleagues alike. I am so glad to work with Raffi and wish him continued success.”

Rupa Ranganathan
Marketing and Investor Relationships,
New Silk Route (NSR) Growth Capital

“We selected Triada Networks when we started Matarin Capital because of our past relationship with Raffi. Triada Networks has been a valuable ally as we have started our new business. Triada got our computers and network up and running quickly without any issues. They provided a flexible and understandable back-up and contingency plan for us. We never have to worry about our IT. Triada immediately solves every problem. If you want a service provider you can count on to ensure your network is always up to speed and always working at 100% and you want to work with reliable, helpful and down to earth people, choose Triada. Since the beginning, we’ve only worked with Triada, and we never plan to let them go. It’s been a pleasure to working with them.”

Valerie Malter
Co-Founder and Managing Principal,
Matarin Capital Management

“I have worked with Triada Networks and Raffi Jamgotchian for approximately 4 years. His dedication to our projects has been above and beyond client expectations. He has an understanding of what is needed to complete a project and helps to guide the client in directions they didn’t know were possible. He is a pleasure to collaborate and work with.”

Sally Diaz
Creative Director, Black Swift Creative

“A sure sign of a mature or maturing organization is the adoption and use of a security framework. Raffi provides a succinct intro to a few such frameworks and explains the benefits of choosing one or more for your business. Along the way he shows the multitude of issues involved and summarizes them within the security pyramid which makes keeping a high-level view of what’s involved easily possible.”

Sevag Ajemian
Founder, Globanet Consulting

“I constantly worry about cybersecurity. I want to be someone who says, ‘we didn’t get hit’ or ‘we had the least possible damage.’ I rely on Triada for that. They’re great at the staple day-to-day work, adaptability to change, and security. I think cybersecurity is very important and very easy to underestimate. In something like your IT, you want it to work flawlessly, and you want somebody who’s going to take care of you quickly. That’s the kind of confidence I have with Triada. They’re there all the time. I don’t even notice them. But if something goes wrong, they’re there to fix the problem quickly and that’s what you want.”

Parag Saxena
CEO, Vedanta Capital

“Raffi has been the IT mainstay of the business since its inception in 2006. He’s particularly helpful in handling remote access requirements and is very responsive and knowledgeable.”

Simon Airey
Director, Canaras Management Limited

“I have always enjoyed interacting with Raffi because he has a deep understanding of many enterprise-related technologies. He can truly see the root of a problem, as opposed to just recommending a point solution. Raffi is good at providing explanations about complex things.”

Alessandro Piol
Managing Partner, Alpha Prime Ventures

“We look for a couple of things in a business partner, namely reliable service, quick response to IT problems, and with Triada, we’ve got that. When we’ve had difficulties, they’ve answered our questions right away and made sure we got the information we needed. For the price we pay, we’re getting tremendous value from Triada.”

Ben Blinder
Global Business Development TRI-K Industries

“When you start your own business, you need to wear a lot of hats. Well, Raffi wears an important hat for me. He is my IT guy. He takes care of everything from hardware upgrades to data backup systems to network security and more. Raffi is an expert in his field and has always been able to think outside the box to get projects completed on time and under budget. I will be using Raffi again for future network and system installation projects. I highly recommend Triada Networks’ services.”

Rocco Mazzo
Partner and V.P. Operations, CVR. Networks, LLC

“Raffi is a true leader of what every business owner should exemplify. I have been a client of Triada Networks for 10 years. I have been more than satisfied with the services they provided. Working with Triada Network has been a true pleasure. The quality of their services deserves five stars. If you are stuck with a computer problem, they’ll never leave you in the dark. If you are looking for a company to protect your network, I highly recommend Triada Network.”

Morgan Fischer
VP of Sales, G&D Surgical

“Raffi’s written very informative and outstanding information on cybersecurity frameworks. I know that cybersecurity is important, but equally important is knowing that it’s being handled. Having a framework is important not only for your own use, but also to show your customers that you are doing everything you can to protect them too. Thanks for the insight; you are truly an expert in your field!”

Roger Naut
Partner, RC Services of New York

“Triada has been our IT company since our inception, Raffi did a great job setting up our computer networks and is always available, day or night, for any support issues. We highly recommend him for any IT work.”

Garo Derian
Owner, Glenmont Self Storage

“Triada Networks allows us to operate efficiently on a day-to-day basis. Also, with the support we receive, I have more freedom to be away from the office. I’m always able to access what I need from our IT systems, no matter what time or what country I’m in. It is without hesitation that I would and have recommended them to other firms. Their business value has been immeasurable.”

Margaret Riley
Partner, Vedanta Capital Management

“I frequently work on Sunday nights at home to prepare for the week ahead. If I am working late on a project and there is a problem with our system (often generated by our office building), I need to contact them for assistance. No matter what time or where Raffi and his team are, they respond. You can’t buy that quality of attention and service unless someone really cares.”

Deborah Farrington
StarVest Partners

“Raffi continues to amaze me with his knowledge and expertise in the ever growing and changing Infrastructure market. His ability to keep up with change and his desire to ensure that we are always operating at the highest level makes him a true asset for our daily functions and for our future as well.”

Michael Lachance
Supply Chain Manager, TRI-K Industries

“Triada Networks have extensive experience with the financial industry. They are up to date with prevailing standards and regulations. They’re also committed to ensuring their clients are best in case in the cybersecurity space. The personalized service we’ve received from Raffi has given us confidence that we are working with a partner and not a vendor. Triada Networks not only provided exactly the service requested, but they also advised us on best practices and industry standards while tailoring their services to our specific needs. They are innovative and extremely thorough and prompt in their assessments and follow up. I would highly recommend Triada Networks for their knowledge, experience, innovativeness, responsiveness, and commitment to their clients.”

Michelle Brown
CIO, Grain Management

“Raffi Jamgotchian’s chapter 31, What is a Security Framework, in the book, On Thin Ice is a must read. He lucidly defines them, describing the most common ones. Raffi then goes on to demystify the “pyramid of security” in easy-to-understand steps, so you have a comprehension and comfort with the terminology and importance of security. In twenty minutes, I went from knowing very little to a working knowledge, which every business executive should have.”

Parag Saxena
CEO, Vedanta Capital Management

“The quality of his work and infrastructure he’s provided for us that is so beyond anything we’ve had prior. Triada, specifically, Raffi the founder, his knowledge and the education program he follows for himself is extraordinary. We have the most up to date cybersecurity. It truly is extraordinary. We have big company security within the body of a small company, which makes us look like a major firm to the rest of the world. It’s really helped with the external perception of our firm. We consider Raffi and the Triada team to be full members of our team. They are responsive, offer a great service, and are incredibly reliable.”

Deborah Farrington
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
StarVest Partners