Browse Like a Champ with 12 Time-Saving Tips & Tricks for ChromeOften some of the biggest productivity assists are little-known secrets in applications we use all the time, like our website browser. These are usually overlooked, because the browser is just a means to an end (viewing a webpage or watching a video, for example), but unlocking those secrets can make your life much easier.

At Triada Networks, we know a thing or two about tricks to improve productivity. We’re there for our clients day and night with expert tech support and guidance, and part of our service is helping them make the most out of their technology. So, we’re often giving them tips that help them do more with the applications they’re already using.

Chrome is such a popular browser that we thought it would make the perfect tool to discuss and uncover some of its “power user” tricks that most users aren’t aware of.

Chrome owns over 70% of the global desktop browser market. (Statista)

From recovering accidentally closed tabs to controlling the pages bringing your computer to a crawl, read on to get more out of your Chrome browsing experience.

Chrome Tricks to Make You a “Super User”

Here are some of the favorite Chrome hacks from the experts on our Triada Networks Team.

1. Recover Closed Chrome Tabs

Did you just accidentally close a tab that you need back fast? Business moves so fast, it’s not uncommon to click “close” before you mean to, but Chrome makes it easy to fix. Just hover over the new tab + sign, and right click. You’ll see an option to “Reopen closed tab.”

2. Control Memory Issues with Extensions

If you open multiple webpages on different tabs, then you most likely have experienced the system slow-down that happens as they consume your RAM. You can browse all you like and control memory consumption by using a special extension for this purpose.

A few to try are:

  • Tab Wrangler
  • The Great Suspender
  • TabMemFree

3. Switch Tabs by Keyboard Command

Want to flip through tabs quickly and without having to click each one? Use this keyboard command to save time. Press the Control key (or Command on Mac) + a number key (1-9). The corresponding tab (1st, 2nd, etc..) will instantly come to the front.

4. Use Chrome as a Media Viewer

If you just received a video and want to check it out quickly, drag it into Chrome. The browser acts as a multi-media viewer for videos, images, and music files, so you can check out media in seconds rather than waiting for a program to open.

5. Open a Set of Pages at Startup

If you’re like many offices that use cloud-based applications, you probably start your day by opening specific pages in your tabs. One might be QuickBooks Online, another could be your Help Desk application, and maybe another is your favorite Pandora online radio station.

Save time by having all your tabs come up automatically when you start your day. In Chrome, click the three dots at the far right, then choose Settings. Scroll down and you’ll see this option to set multiple pages to open at startup.

6. Bring Up a Browser Calculator

Need to run some quick numbers while on the phone with a client? If Google is set as you default search engine and you type an equation, like 5×7, in the Chrome bar where you would normally type the URL, you’ll get a cloud calculator that comes up right on the page.

7. Keep all Your Chrome Settings Across Devices

Whether you have specific bookmarks you use often or autofill settings you’d like to use on another device, you can make your life much easier by syncing Chrome settings. Just sign into Chrome with your Google account on your device, go to Settings and make sure Sync is on. You can click further in to choose the specific things you want to sync.

8. Control Where You Download

If you are always searching for that file you just downloaded and wish you could just pick where it goes? You can! Go to Settings, then click Advanced, and you’ll find a setting that will have Chrome prompt you where to save instead of just saving in a main downloads file.

9. Save Multiple Bookmarks at Once?

Are you in the middle of some major research and need to bookmark multiple tabs to come back to later? Do it all in one fell swoop by using the right trick. Go to Settings, then Bookmarks, Bookmark open pages.

10. Print from Chrome with Google Cloud Print

You’ll find the option to set up your printer(s) with Google Cloud Print in the Settings, Advanced, Printing area. This allows you to print (when signed in to your Google account) from Chrome using your computer or mobile device and make your printer available to anyone you choose.

11. Edit Bookmark Titles

If you’re a fan of proper labels and organization, then you’ll appreciate the ability to edit your Bookmark titles. Just right click to edit bookmark names or delete and use icons if you’d rather.

12. Make Favorite Websites Desktop Shortcuts

Have a website that you visit often or one you’d like to save to your desktop? Go to Settings, then More Tools, then Create shortcut. An icon will show up on your desktop that will open the site when you double-click.

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