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Imagine for a moment that you and your staff are busy trying to meet a client deadline for a proposal, and suddenly, you hit a computer roadblock. As the minutes and hours tick by, your stress level is going through the roof. If you do not have a tech support team that has your back when you need it most, it can mean missing that client deadline and/or sales opportunity. A missed deadline or sales opportunity is going to cost you and your business money, perhaps lots of money.

So much of a business’s infrastructure relies on technology these days. It impacts every department from accounting to marketing to customer support, and IT support. All of these functions serve to create an underlying business network that keeps offices running effectively and efficiently. Trying to rely on your staff to troubleshoot their own technology problems can leave you and your business with hours of lost productivity. It also opens the door to potential security weak spots.

What Does An IT Company Do?

At Triada Networks, we offer IT support service that is affordable. Our tech support staffers that can quickly handle any of the many IT issues that circumstances might throw at you or your employees. Our support staff is well trained and highly experienced in dealing with a wide range of hardware and software systems. We can diagnose and repair any issue in no time, getting you and your employees back to work as fast as possible.

What Are The Different Types Of IT Services?

Our IT support service covers fixing any number of technology issues, including but not limited to the following:

Hardware problems – connectivity issues, slow internet, peripherals (mouse, keyboard, printer) are not working properly, OS update issues, inability to open attachments, file recovery issues, power issues, corrupt files, graphics issues, complete loss of operating system, blue screen of death

Software problems – Incorrect and ineffective data edits, incorrect coding/implementation of business rules, slow software programs, compatibility issues, outdated software programs, incorrect or inadequate interfaces with other systems, unable to get proper search results, software bugs, viruses, problems with digital security, incorrect file and data handling, malfunctioning digital security and firewalls

Upgrades/patches –updates not fully installed, update compatibility with OS, system restore issues, inability to upload updates and patches, outdated upgraded software

Connection/communication issues – power connection issues, cable connection issues, problems with baud rate selection, COM port selection problems, faulty communication devices, communication software problems, slow downloads, outdated communication hardware/software, network issues

Wi-Fi and routers – Configuration problems, slow WIFI reception, file sharing problems with router, connectivity issues, outdated firmware, issues with wireless connectivity, WIFI security, internet provider troubleshooting, power outages, slow internet access, lack of proper bandwidth, password recovery for WIFI

Printers/scanners – connectivity issues, printer is out of ink, inability to print from wireless devices (mobile devices, devices connected through Bluetooth technology), slow communication with printer/scanner, scanner won’t properly pick up document, printed text comes out looking blurry, printer paper jams, scanner malfunction, system compatibility issues

Computers/smartphones/tablets – water damage to mobile devices, apps won’t download, connectivity issues with peripheral devices, Bluetooth malfunctions, cracked or damaged device screens, OS failures, WIFI/data connectivity issues, audio and visual problems, can’t stop apps from running in the background, device charging issues, inability to watch videos, outdated apps and software, problems with keyboard function

New system set up and training – assistance with system upgrades, manpower for system conversion, hardware/software training sessions

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Why would you rather spend time trying to fix a tech issue on your own and end up dealing with the hours of frustration that can come from doing so? This may not be the best and most efficient way to run your business. You and your employees have other important responsibilities that need addressing everyday of the work week.

Technology issues will slow down your business activities and eventually impact your bottom line. No business is immune to the concept of time and money in the business world.

The best solution for handling your technology issues is bringing in a trusted partner like Triada Networks. As a professional IT company, we are more than happy to make your problems our problems. If we take responsibility for your IT problems, we can assure you we will fix them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With one phone call, you can get access to our IT support service staff, a talented group of technology experts who will immediately address your issue or issues and have you back in the business of doing business in the fastest way possible. If time is money, then Triada Networks can save you both

What Other Aspects of Digital Security Makes Triada Networks Second To None?

  • 24/7 Support Help Desk Whether you are working at the office during the day or burning the midnight oil at home, if you need us to quickly solve an IT issue, we are just an email or phone call away, 24/7. Our friendly, professional, and certified technicians will be that voice hear on the other end of the line, a voice that will be helping you resolve your problem or problems, even if it’s at 1:00 AM on a Saturday!
  • Well-Trained Technicians We ensure all of our IT support service technicians are fully trained and experienced so they can handle any type of tech support issue on the fly. They also receive regular training, coaching, and quality reviews, along with getting motivation to continually improve their skills and keep up with the newest technology out there.
  • Like Tech Support in Your Pocket Are you traveling to a customer location for a large presentation and 20 minutes before it starts, you can’t get your laptop connected to the projector? Triada Networks techs are just a call away. Whether you are in town or on the road, you can count on us to come to the rescue for any IT hiccup that might occur.
  • We Troubleshoot Mobile Devices Too Many businesses and business owners are moving much of their workload to tablets and smartphones due to the benefits of mobility. Are you having a problem with an app not working correctly? Aren’t sure how to set up automated voice commands to save you time? We can handle a multitude of mobile device IT issues too!
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Save time and money by calling on Triada Networks for all your tech support issues. Our experienced team is there for you 24/7 and can get your problem or problems diagnosed quickly and efficiently, allowing you and your staff to get back to work in no time.

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