The use of VPN technology and next gen firewalls has skyrocketed in popularity and positioned itself as a necessity, especially for investment firms and other financial organizations. It is one of the main aspects of private equity cybersecurity.

Put simply, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows a connection to your network that is secure, untraceable, and encrypted. It allows people with permissions to access the network from anywhere in the world and provides a level of security that cannot be compared to a typical Wi-Fi connection.

VPN technology offers a heightened peace of mind for financial firms who deal with sensitive and confidential information regularly as it helps with insuring your cybersecurity. It can be used to provide clients with assurance, knowing that their details are secure and protected.

There’s a good reason VPN integration comes with so many incredible benefits, most of which have to do with the growing rate of cybercrime. Did you know? Top earning cybercriminals rake in more than $2 million per year, making it an extremely lucrative form of business with low levels of risk.

Right now, it’s hard to catch cybercriminals, especially when they originate overseas. That’s why protection and prevention are the best bet you have to keep your business safe and running properly. Integrating a VPN into your financial firm is crucial for preventing cyber attacks on your clients, and increases your security in multiple different ways.

We’re sharing our favorite three with you today.

1.  Protects Sensitive Information

Because of the nature of their work, organizations that work within financial services tend to be heavily targeted by Internet hackers. Not only are large amounts of money digitally processed within these organizations, but they also deal with incredibly sensitive and identifying information about their clients. Customer information, like payment information, name, address, and email, have always been pinpointed by hackers simply because of their ability to be sold for profit. Other information worthy of protection that financial firms often find themselves handling includes employee data, trade secrets, and even operational information. All of this data is vital to company operations and must be protected.

Though it carries significant risk, it’s impossible to keep sensitive data off the Internet, especially when it comes to operating a successful financial firm. Because of this, you must take advantage of VPN technology. Using encryption, and lacking time stamps or data logs, VPNs offer an additional layer of protection and privacy and are necessary for keeping private information secure and in the right hands.

2.  Guards Against Cyber Attacks

There is no shortage of cybercrime in this world. Last year alone, the state of California lost nearly $600 million to cybercrime alone. People are trying to hack into websites literally all the time and, as alluded to earlier, they come from all around the world. And, the unfortunate reality is that most businesses hacked initially thought that they were protected enough to not end up that way.

Owning a business in the financial industry already makes you more vulnerable to hacking attempts, simply because of the amount of money that is handled. Firms like these are more likely to be targeted by hackers and must have stronger security measures in place to protect themselves. VPN technology is incredibly useful for this because it was built with cybersecurity in mind. Actually, most quality VPN options out there come with features, like malicious website detectors and firewall protection, to keep your data as safe as possible. Many of these programs can even block emails from known phishing attempts and keep all of your browsing activity secure.

3.  Allows Employees to Work Remotely

In today’s age of social distancing, remote access is one of the most important technologies available. And, while the technology is definitely there to allow entire companies to operate fully through remote technology, having the ability to ensure security is so important. By its very nature, accessing the company network from a remote location presents security risks, because it opens your business to virtually the entire Internet, reducing the efficiency of your firewall protections and making things that much easier for hackers.

VPN integration is the perfect solution for allowing your employees to access the network remotely safely and securely. Depending on the type of VPN, your program will allow employees to work, without offering access to the public. The VPN offers so much protection that the employee can even work from a public WiFi network at no additional risk to your company.

Why Triada Networks?

VPN technology is not new, especially for businesses in the finance industry. It is a necessary component of online safety for companies that deal with sensitive and private information. Not only can VPN integration help keep your company safe from cyber attacks, thus protecting the information of your clients and employees, but it also offers significantly more flexibility in today’s working world.

Our team at Triada Networks is extremely familiar with handling these risks and helping you to include additional protection measures for your organization. Through solutions that are affordable for even the smallest businesses, and with experience you can rely on, we’re by your side to help you navigate the cybersecurity world when you need us.