New York, November 3, 2016 – The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) – an organization founded by the New York County District Attorney’s Office, the City of London Police, and the Center for Internet Security – will be collaborating with Triada Networks to help smaller investment companies address the increasing risk posed to them by malicious cyber activity. Partners that have joined GCA include leaders from the security, defense, retail, healthcare, insurance, energy, aviation, education, law enforcement, government, and finance sectors.

Reduce systemic cyber-risks for small businesses

Smaller firms are typically more vulnerable to cyber-attack from malicious online actors. Technology and education play roles in helping keep companies as safe and secure as possible. GCA aims to build a measurable, scientific basis for cybersecurity by defining methods to measure quantitative cyber-related risks. To achieve this, they are taking a two-pronged approach: identifying specific cyber risks and assembling the right group of stakeholders to implement measurable mediation solutions.

“Small and medium-sized businesses remain at significant risk of cyber crime,” said Philip Reitinger, CEO and President of the Global Cyber Alliance. “Threats such as ransomware and other forms of cyber extortion have significant consequences – consequences that those businesses are ill-equipped to address on their own. The Global Cyber Alliance is pleased to partner with companies like Triada Networks to reduce systemic cyber risks for small business.”

Compliance is not security

“Triada Networks is proud to work with the Global Cyber Alliance to enable organizations to not only understand but take action toward a more secure future,” said Raffi Jamgotchian, President and CTO of Triada Networks. “I’ve always been a proponent of the mantra that ‘compliance doesn’t equal security’ and GCA embodies that.”

Triada Networks is a managed services provider that supports small and medium independent alternative asset managers such as private equity firms, venture capital funds, small hedge funds, and CLO funds. Triada Networks takes a security minded view about protecting our client firms and their clients’ data. Triada Networks is based in Northern New Jersey and supports companies in the greater New York City Area.