Triada Networks is honored to be featured in CSO Outlook Magazine’s Top 10 Network Security Companies of 2015


Triada Networks works hard around the clock to provide the best and most effective IT services for our wide range of clients. It’s always an honor to be recognized for our services, and most recently Triada Networks was included in the pages of CSO Outlook Magazine, mentioned among the top 10 Network Security Companies of 2015.

CSO noted that Triada Networks “uses a mixed set of tools, processes, and education to help build a modern network infrastructure for growing businesses that have to deal with a higher level of regulatory compliance and outside threats.”

  • The magazine compiled the list to highlight the best and most effective IT security companies, who are scratching beyond the surface and looking for efficient and innovative ways to protect clients.
  • Examining our protocols, CSO wrote about our “protect first” mantra, stating, “The first step is building a continuous protection system to ensure that systems are recoverable and available. The network and systems are monitored 24×7/365 for activity using various and techniques tools including a unified threat management system and other monitoring sensors backed by a manned network operations center.”

With Triada Networks as your IT security partner in New York and New Jersey, you gain peace of mind knowing that we’re always looking for the best and most effective ways to keep your data safe. You’re able to focus 100% of your time and energy on work and never worry about your data protection.

To learn more about why CSO Outlook Magazine named Triada Networks among 2015’s Top 10 Security Companies, get in touch with us – we’re always eager to help new clients improve their operations and increase their security.

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