Triada Networks Helps G&D Surgical and Drug Co, Inc. Switch From Paper Records to Electronic Records for Better Organization & Customer Service!

Feb 9, 2020

G&D Surgical and Drug Co, Inc. is a family owned and operated medical/surgical supply company in Englewood, NJ. Since 1955, G&D Surgical and Drug Co, Inc. has been serving physicians, caregivers, patients, and facilities throughout the Northern New Jersey community.

When G&D Surgical and Drug Co, Inc. was looking to modernize their operation – moving from paper to electronic records, Triada Networks was the perfect choice!

As a medical/surgical supply company, G&D Surgical and Drug Co, Inc. leverages technology on a regular basis to keep track of purchase/sales orders, shipments, and much more. They believe customer service drives their business forward; and in an effort to improve customer service, they needed to move from paper to electronic records.

A Medical/Surgical Supply Company Looking to Make the Switch from Paper Records to Electronic Records for Better Organization & Customer Service

Information technology plays a critical role for G&D Surgical and Drug Co, Inc. Morgan Fischer, Vice President of Sales, explained, “technology is very important to us. If we didn’t have an IT department, we’d be losing track of orders and shipments. If it wasn’t for information technology, we’d potentially lose business.”

She continued, “We were starting to get purchase orders lost so customers would call and we’d try to find where the order is; sifting through papers after papers. At the end of the day, we were losing time and money. We realized it was important to upgrade. A lot of our customers have been with us for 25 years so we need to focus on improving how data gets organized.”

A Cloud-Hosted Desktop Solution & Cloud-Hosted Phone System for Easier Access to Data/Communications, Anytime, Anywhere

Triada Networks implemented a cloud-hosted desktop that can be accessed from any location, as well as a cloud-hosted phone system for enhanced communication and collaboration amongst employees and customers. Morgan spoke about the upgrade, “Being able to run your business in a more mobile manner and not being in the office, it’s definitely great!”

She continued, “It’s had a huge impact on our business. They’re very hands on – no jokes or gimmicks, they’re straight forward, and they do whatever it takes to get the job done. Going from paper to electronic was a huge step; and overall, just having the peace of mind and knowing if anything happened, like a fire in the office, our business would be able to run remotely!”

Morgan would highly recommend choosing Triada Networks for all of your IT service needs! “They care about their clients and their passion shows in what they do every day. You won’t be disappointed! They’ll always do what they say they will and they’re willing to go the extra mile.”