TRI-K Industries, Inc. is an established manufacturer & distributer of cosmetic chemicals and ingredients based in Denville, NJ. The company is nearly 41 years old, and has built a respectable reputation within the personal care and skin care industry. Vikas Maheshwari is the Director of Finance and Operations at TRI-K Industries. He has also been a valued client of ours for 3 years. In the following, Maheshwari will describe his personal experience while working with the Triada Networks team.

Smeared Lipstick

During our initial inspection, we immediately noticed several issues that were affecting TRI-K’s operating potential. Some of these issues included:

  • An older infrastructure that was not maintained
  • Older line of business applications that didn’t work on new platforms
  • Gaps in their security and data resilience

At the time, TRI-K had an internal IT person who was expected to move with them to their new location. Initially, they asked us to assess their environment and help them with their move. During this time their IT person left the firm, at which point and we stepped in to assist.

Flawless Coverage

The Triada Networks team immediately jumped into action, implementing several new technologies that would allow TRI-K to operate at their full capacity. Some of these new technologies included:

  • Managed security system with Sophos UTM’s and OpenDNS
  • Patching plan to modernize their line of business applications
  • Monitor and manage their system with Continuum
  • Onsite and remote management
  • 24×7 help desk support
  • Backup and disaster recovery planning and management
  • Project management/virtual CIO
  • Managed laptop encryption
  • Web-site maintenance
  • Mobile data management

“They have current and updated information of new developments happening in the IT space. They can then link those developments to what we need. That wasn’t happening when we had internal IT, because we were always looking at what we had rather than the possibilities.” Explains Maheshwari.

What’s Your Shade?

We are very pleased to say that TRI-K currently receives our full service IT with business continuity, management, and security for less than what they were paying their previous full-time employee. They continue to strive and move forward with their goals, while operating on a reliable infrastructure.

“A strong and secure IT infrastructure is required for any company that wishes to grow. Triada Networks has taken care of this for us for the past 2 or 3 years – and the response time that we have received from them is quick, and almost in real-time.” Says Maheshwari.