As we continue our installment about services your business needs in regard to cybersecurity, we must cover Backups. Backups are used to create and store copies of data in other places to prevent data loss.  It’s essential for any business to back up their data as it’s one of these basic requirements in order to save important data that is needed and that keeps the business secure. Let’s talk about the importance of backups in your business today!

Backups and Recovery

Data Backup

Data should be in at least three places: where you access it, a local backup, and a cloud backup.  These should be as disconnected as possible from each other so that infections in one can’t spread to the other. For example, if your office gets ransomware, it should be easily jumping to your backups. if your backups are connected, then the ransomware can and will spread to it, making it unusable. Next, you should have at least one offsite version at a secure location. The local backup is for speed of recovery, the remote backup is in case your local office cannot be accessed.


Backups are not really about backups; they are actually about recovery. You must test them for it to be sufficient. If you don’t test them, they are useless. Restores must be tested, both at the individual file level and a whole system level. Employees must be included during tests so that issues can be resolved during the tests. Better during a test, then a real event.  Practice also takes the stress out of the situation during a real incident.

My Takeaways

This was drilled into me when I worked for a mid-tier investment firm. After 9/11 we didn’t know what the next day would bring us, so we had to make sure our systems could be accessible from other locations in case communication systems continued to be down. Similarly, we had blackouts a few years later.  Our past business continuity tests gave us the confidence that not only were we able to bring up our systems offsite, but the team was able to do it while I happen to be on vacation at the time.

How Triada Can Help 

I brought those lessons to me as we work with small businesses. The technology available today to allow us to bring full systems online during an event was not achievable unless you had massive budgets. Now those capabilities are available to small businesses. So, when Hurricane Fred, Irene, and Sandy rolled through in successive years, we were prepared. Sandy was the one that knocked people out, but we had the tools to allowed clients to keep running.

We can help your business have the proper steps in place for backups and recovery too! To learn more about how we can help, schedule a free consultation here. We’d be happy to discuss the steps we take to ensure your data is protected and backed up properly.

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