Don’t wait till it’s too late! You need to be backing up your data periodically and even during this quarantine. At Triada, we place great focus on this when it comes to IT support for financial firms. This should be a priority in your business or even in your personal life. Especially now, when hackers can easily perform cyberattacks through household devices! Often times though backups are neglected and are not very high on your priority list.

That is where choosing the right IT support company can help, but today we are here to share with you the importance of data backup in your business today and what steps you can take!

Why You Need To Backup Your Data

  1. Data Loss Prevention- the biggest reason for backing up your data is to prevent losing important data that is crucial for your business, your clients, and employees. You do not want to lose important files if there is a system crash, attack, or disaster as it can be detrimental to your business.
  2. For Tax Purposes: having your data backed up can benefit if you are audited by the tax officials or need it for reporting taxes.
  3. Improved Productivity- you are able to reduce time and not have to redo work when your data is backed up. Archived data leads to more productivity.
  4. Improves Client Relationship- saved data can improve your client relationship as well which can lead to more trust and value in your business and potentially more sales too.
  5. Peace of Mind- with regular backups you can have more peace of mind. If something was to occur like a system crash, cybercrime, ransomware or a natural disaster, you have your company’s data archived and backed up ready to go.

Data Backup Options

  1. Cloud backup- this is one of the latest and best options currently for businesses. Cloud computing provides flexibility, mobility, and ensures business continuity. You can access your data from anywhere with your data on the cloud. 
  2. External hard drives- this is a way of backing up data by having an external hard drive connected to the computer on the outside with a cable or wirelessly. This can consist of USB flash drives or solid-state drives. This option can be easy to use, portable if needed, and capable of storing a large amount of data.
  3. Flash drives- these are smaller devices that you are able to store data and are portable as well. Often know as thumb or jump drives and are pretty common. The problem people have with these drives is they are not able to store large amounts of data and you can potentially lose or have these stolen as well.
  4. Backup services- this option is where a service provider provides this service and backups your data and puts in storage. A backup service like this can help businesses manage their data better.

Recommendations from Triada Networks:

Let Triada Networks help you get the best cloud services for your business today. We offer on-premise or cloud flexibility for your file-sharing or back up needs.

We recommend that you implement both an offsite (cloud) and onsite backup for your critical data and the backups should stay disconnected (i.e. not directly attached or normally accessible) from your computers because a malicious actor will go after your backups if they can access them. If you are interested in learning more about what Triada can offer your business for backup we’d be happy to set up a free consultation. Give us a call at 201-297-7778 and schedule today!

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