This next level of the Pyramid of Security is all about maturation.

Now, that you’ve got the foundation and awareness layer of your security program in place, it’s time to bring your staff and work procedures onboard.

This means it’s time to start training your team who work for you how to resist their click happy fingers.

 Unfortunately, your staff has been trained, mostly by social media (and perhaps boredom) to click on anything that comes on their screen.

 So, it’s important to remind your team that their business email inbox is not Facebook, it’s not Instagram, it’s not the president, a prince or Oprah giving away free cars.

 They must think twice before clicking anything.

 Because as I’ve pointed out before:

  1. Hackers are lazy.
  2. Hacking is now more lucrative than trafficking drugs.

 So, how do you prevent your staff from becoming a victim of cybercrime?

 Here are three security maturation tools that will get you there:

  • End User Cybersecurity Awareness Training
  • Policies / Procedures
  • Cyber Insurance

That’s right, your “end users,” or staff, need cybersecurity training. They need to learn how to recognize, avoid and then report any cyber threats. Also, since threats change, they’ll need consistent, ongoing training.

 Then, it’s time to define your company’s standards for using systems and data. This typically includes setting rules on how your team interacts with and uses them. Be sure to include the “why” of each policy to get your staff’s buy in and adoption of said policies and procedures.

 You’ll also need to seriously consider investing in cyber insurance. Especially if you’re in the financial services or healthcare sectors. Be sure to work with your IT Services partner to make sure you meet your insurance company’s compliance requirements so that you are eligible to submit a claim if needed.

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