Raffi working on a server for a client who partners with Triada

When it comes to your business there may be times where you need to examine your current processes and see if shifting some would help make the business work better and more efficiently. Every business goes through this at some point as one person or one team is not able to handle every single aspect. This is especially true when it comes to a company’s IT department. If you are struggling with keeping up with your current IT and things are not working properly, it could be time for you to partner with an IT provider! I’d like to share with you the 5 reasons your business is ready to partner with an IT provider!

5 Reasons Your Business Is Ready To Partner With An IT Provider

  • Do Not Have a Dedicated IT Staff

Any company that is under 100 employees typically won’t have a dedicated IT/cybersecurity team/staff to help. Smaller companies usually have to make do with what they have and then other areas of the business are not being attended to. This can cause problems especially as they arise for your IT staff.

  • You are Exposed to a lot of Businesses and See What Works and What Doesn’t Work 
If a small business has one of their employees that splits time between IT and their job, they aren’t exposed to nor are communicating with the larger IT community within their vertical. A Technology Services Provider has exposure to lots of different technologies and businesses and can bring their cumulative experiences to your company.
  • Your Current Technology is Holding You Back
If your business is using obsolete software and hardware systems then this can really hurt your business and slow down processes. Technology is constantly changing with the latest and greatest and it’s important to have someone that is knowledgeable in these areas to suggest what updates you may need in order to keep up.
  • The Person Responsible for IT is Being Taken Away from Doing His/Her Day Job
This is such a common problem amongst smaller companies as a person or several people become the “IT person” and are being taken away from their normal jobs. If this is something you are currently partaking in this can actually hurt your relationships with your employees. This can typically cause burnout in a position as they are not doing what they were originally hired to do. You can establish a better relationship with your employees if you have them do what they were hired to do and what they do best.
  • Loss of Productivity Due to Systems Issues or Frequent Downtime
Many businesses deal with database, hardware, and software downtime which can cause loss of productivity in the organization. These incidents can last for a few minutes to several days which can cause major problems and even losses. Without the proper IT team ready to take care of these types of issues, you could face major setbacks including major financial impacts.

Poulos, technician here at Triada helping a client get their phones and computers set up for a new employee

If your business is suffering from any of the top 5 reasons then your business is ready to partner with a technology services provider. It can benefit your business in many ways such as access to the latest and greatest in technology, cost savings, gives back hours, higher productivity, higher quality of staff, flexibility, 24/7 help, and keeping your regular employees on track and happy! If you are looking for an IT provider to give you these amazing benefits, then contact us at Triada Networks. You can go here to schedule a free consultation today! We look forward to assisting you with all of your IT & cybersecurity needs.
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