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The ASCII Group Names Raffi Jamgotchian of Triada Networks to Advisory Committee

ASCII-Advisory-Committee-logo-bgBethesda, Maryland – April 17, 2014 –The ASCII Group, a membership-based community of independent MSPs, VARs and Solution Providers, today announced that Raffi Jamgotchian of Triada Networks in Northvale, New Jersey is now a member of ASCII’s national Advisory Committee.

The Committee, comprised of representatives from ten member businesses from across the country and various sectors of technology, will work with ASCII headquarters on a regular basis to discuss new alliances, member programs, peer-to-peer networking opportunities for the members, and overall ways to bring value to the group.  These initiatives would add to the more than 70 value-add programs ASCII currently provides to its members.

“We are thrilled to welcome Raffi Jamgotchian to our Advisory Committee and I look forward to the insight and guidance he will bring,” said Doug Young, COO and Senior Vice President of The ASCII Group.  “We were looking for successful, established solution providers who were up-to-date on technology trends and well known in the channel and vendor community.  Each committee member will contribute their unique perspective to the ASCII mandate and their input will help to create solutions that help our members meet challenges and take advantage of innovative technologies.”

“We joined ASCII in 2008 when we first started our business,” said Raffi. “It has been instrumental in helping us build industry relationships with peers, vendors, and distributors. We’re honored to be selected to the ASCII’s Advisory Committee.”

About The ASCII Group, Inc:

The ASCII Group is a vibrant reseller community of independent MSPs, VARs, and other solution providers.  Formed in 1984, ASCII has more than 70 programs that provide turnkey cost-cutting strategies, innovative business building programs, and extensive peer interaction.  ASCII members enjoy benefits such as marketing support; educational information; group purchasing power; increased leverage in the marketplace; and multiple networking opportunities. These programs enable ASCII members to increase revenue, lower operating costs, and grow service opportunities.  Learn more at or by calling 800-394-2724.

About Triada Networks

Raffi Jamgotchian founded Triada Networks in 2008 where they work with business owners to build an Information Technology program which is aligned to their business from the ground up. Triada Networks leverages IT automation to reduce risk (focusing on preventing and recovering from security breaches), improving efficiencies, and driving cost out of processes. Their mantra is Protect – Optimize – Empower. Triada Networks’ mission is to work with small businesses who want to ensure that they are getting the most out of their technology.

Raffi is a member of the Infragard NY/NJ Chapter, and the US Secret Service Joint Electronics Crimes Task Force NY/NJ Chapter. Raffi is a board member of the Northern Valley Soccer Club and President/Founder of the Northvale Chamber of Commerce.

Press Contact
Alysia Vetter
Director of Communications
Tel: 800-394-2724 x 131


What Small Businesses Need to Know about HeartBleed

heartbleedResearches have found a flaw that they are calling Heartbleed that affects software that is used to secure communication across the Internet.  The Huffington Post reports that about two-thirds of servers on the Internet are effected and could expose user data including passwords.

OpenSSL is free and open-source software, which means the actual code used to write it is freely available to anyone on the Internet.  A feature added in 2011, known as the heartbeat extension, allows extended connectivity for services. A flaw in this added feature allows malicious actors to read and capture data that is stored in the memory of the system.

Because of its wide use across systems such as websites, Instant Messaging services, and VPN (Virtual Private Networks) systems used to connect remote employees to corporate offices security, it is a broad issue to resolve.

What can you do about it?

As an end-user, not much. You have to wait until websites and systems have been fixed. There are some tools that have been built to test if a site has the flawed software still running on it…but this isn’t perfect. Make sure your banking websites aren’t coming up with any expired certificates and change passwords for any of your web-based sites.

For a business, make sure your IT company updates any systems that may be affected such as firewalls that typically have VPN software so that you can access your systems remotely in a secure way.  If its not up to date, its as if you are running with out any security at all.