Why is Everyone Talking about Virtual Desktops? How They Can Optimize Your Office for Less



Have you ever struggled with how to get to an important on your main desktop computer while you were traveling? Remote control applications that allow you to login from a far are often slow and have questionable security. Emailing yourself everything ahead of time isn’t very efficient.

The best-case scenario would be to be able to have your main desktop computer (along with all its files, settings, and software) magically appear whenever you needed it, whether you were on an airport layover or working at home on the weekend.

Well, the reason so many businesses are excited about virtual desktops is because they make that “what if” a reality.

75% of organizationsalready utilize some form of virtualization.

With the popularity of cloud computing solutions and virtualized servers, many businesses are already familiar with the ability to access programs they need from anywhere on any device. Virtual desktops are just another step further in full office mobility.

Our Triada Networks team has been providing IT and cybersecurity services to financial services firms in NYC an New Jersey for over two decades. We’ve experienced first-hand how the dream of having your computer anywhere has become a reality through virtualization and offer secure virtual desktops as a cost-effective cloud solution.

How can you take advantage of virtual desktops to lower costs while increasing your office productivity and mobility? Read on for a look at how virtual desktops are completely revolutionizing offices around the country.

How Can My Business Benefit from Virtual Desktops?

Let’s take a look at how virtual desktops work and how they make it possible to have your computer with you anywhere you go (without needing an extra suitcase!).

A virtual desktop replaces the hard drive on your main computer by hosting the operating system, file structure, folders, and software applications on a cloud-based server. This allows you to login remotely from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device and have access to your “main desktop” and everything on it no matter where you are.

So, basically your computer is living in the cloud, just like other cloud-based programs you may be used to using like QuickBooks online or Salesforce. They also have cybersecurity protocols enforces to ensure a secure computing environment.

What the Benefits of Virtual Desktops for Businesses?

71% of IT and business professionals that were surveyed by TechTarget stated that one of the key reasons they moved to a desktop virtualization infrastructure for their office staff was to make managing end-user computing easier.

Here are the other key benefits they noted as drivers for switching to virtualization:

  • Enable users to work from anywhere (55%)
  • Increase IT security (53%)
  • Save money (50%)
  • Enable staff to work from tablets & phones/BYOD (39%)
  • Legacy application support (27%)
  • Support operating system migrations (27%)
  • Enable contract employees (22%)

Saving Time & Money with a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Over half of organizations (56%) that switch from desktop PCs to virtual desktop infrastructure say the reason is to reduce costs. That savings comes in a number of ways including hard money savings on hardware, time savings, and business continuity benefits.

Here are the main ways a business can save time and money with VDI.

Reduce Hardware Costs

When your companies “desktop computers” are being hosted online, you don’t need to purchase expensive PCs in order for your team to access them and get the benefits. Since all files are stored virtually, having a large storage compacity on a physical computer isn’t needed allowing you to save money.

Additionally, virtual desktops area easily accessible from tablets and smartphones, which are typically less expensive than a full computer desktop setup.

Ensure Business Continuity

Should your office location be subject to a catastrophe, like a fire, flood, or even an extended power outage, your computers and everything on them are all safely maintained in the cloud and your team can easily access them from a safe location to keep your office running without missing a beat.

Free Up Office Space

If you run different shifts or schedules, two different employees could share a single physical desktop to virtually login to their unique workspaces. With the ability to work from any device as well, using virtual desktops can free up space that was taking up with several different computers, and allow you to grow with a remote workforce without having to upscale your space and pay higher rent.

Changes to Programs and Security Updates are Easier

Having your office computing hosted virtually makes it much easier to administer important updates and security patches as well as deploy new programs. You can use a central admin panel to implement updates… no longer worrying if one employee forgot to apply that critical IT security patch, leaving your network exposed.

Available 24/7 from Anywhere

Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever, working flextime from home and work or being located in areas away from the main office. VDI technology gives you and your team the power to run your business from virtually anywhere, having the tools they need on their main workspace accessible when they need them 24/7.

Want to See What a Virtual Desktop Looks Like?

Have you been hearing about virtual desktops but weren’t sure how they actually work or what they look like? Triada Networks would be happy to give a free demo to you and your team so you can see if VDI is right for your office.

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