The managed IT services industry is rapidly growing. It’s expected to grow by $275 billion by the end of 2022. Why is there such an uptake in managed IT Services?

IT companies provide businesses with a cost-effective and professional service that gives businesses technological peace of mind. Today, individuals and companies rely on their IT for almost every aspect of their business.

Modern businesses use a wide array of electronic devices, systems, processes, software, and networks to conduct business and provide their customers with the best experience possible.

Managing all these technological components requires expertise and a wide array of special IT skills. Using an external company frees up a company’s in-house IT team to focus on more important IT strategies and projects.

7 Reasons why You Should Consider Hiring a Managed IT Company

1. Efficiency

We all know how disruptive problems with IT can be for a business. Your staff arrives at work on Monday morning at 9 am, but your network is down, and no one can start work. Nightmare.

Now, rather than having employees sit around for hours while the problem is fixed, you could have had an IT company who already spotted the issues and fixed it before your staff arrived at the office—saving you precious time and money.

The above is just one example of how an IT company can be proactive and keep your business ticking.

Another issue with internal IT teams can be a lack of knowledge and time. They may understand the issue, but it could take them hours to fix. Meanwhile, they’re losing time on other projects that they were planning to work on that day.

Having an outsourced IT team means problems can be relayed to them to deal with so your internal IT team and other employees can concentrate on their actual jobs.

2. Improved security

New cyber threats emerge all the time, and staying on top of the procedures that help deal with them is a full-time job in itself. Your managed IT company will be proactive with the latest developments in cybersecurity.

Therefore, they will recommend updates and changes as necessary, using the new information they have learned. Your systems can then stay safe at all times and reduce any possibility that your business becomes a victim of cybercrime.

Outsourced IT companies can also help to educate your employees on cybersecurity measures. Workshops that teach employees about phishing emails and signs of malware are imperative to keeping your staff and company safe from malicious cyber threats.

3. Compliance

What’s more, your IT company will be able to help your business become compliant with various security accreditations. For example, if your business processes lots of credit card transactions, your IT company can help you become PCI compliant to protect you.

They can also help you with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Both GDPR and PCI compliance are complex to plan, organize, and execute. Your IT company will have the knowledge and experience in helping companies become compliant, making the process relatively stress free and much more efficient.

4. Proactive IT services

IT is not just about fixing issues as they arise. The best IT companies try to ensure you get as few problems as possible by implementing preventative strategies. Problems are inevitable, but a good IT company will be able to seriously limit the number of issues for your business with good planning.

Most managed IT services come with 24/7 help and support. Often, this means threats and issues within the business are dealt with before you even notice them. And when you do come across a problem, you have instant access to an expert team of IT specialists that can help you.

Part of this support includes ensuring all your devices, software, and systems are always updated. This not only ensures you’re protected from threats but also keeps your business ahead of the game and working to the best of your ability with the systems you have.

5. Saving money and ROI

Having an entire IT department comes at a high cost. One of the most common reasons businesses choose to hire managed IT services is to cut costs. A good IT company will also work with your business to control outgoing expenses, spot opportunities to save money, and improve your return on investment (ROI).

When a company uses out of date software, networks, and devices, it can increase costs that are otherwise avoidable with good IT planning. When you want to scale up or down, an IT company can help do it in the most cost-effective manner possible using their industry experience.

6. Give your IT department a break

An in-house IT department shouldn’t waste time preventing and fixing common IT issues. Instead, they should be focused on important developments and strategies that further advance your company.

By hiring IT services, your in-house IT staff are freed from disruptive IT problems and can focus on their crucial work. As a result, they will be more productive, efficient, and innovative.

7. Recovery and business continuity

If your in-house IT networks and systems go down, it can cause massive disruption to your business, costing time and money. All your networks, servers, and software are externally monitored and regularly backed up.

In the case of an emergency, your IT systems can be quickly brought back to life by your IT company. This allows a business to continue and staff to keep working. Preventative measures put in place by IT services will help the business keep flowing and create business continuity.

Could our business benefit from managed IT services?

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