What Does it Mean to Have a Managed Network? Why It's Crucial for Data Security

Your network is the superhighway of communications in an office. It consists of the digital communications between computers and devices, servers, and the world at large through the internet. The network connects through wires, optic cables, or Wi-Fi in order to share information between the various end points.

Without a network, you’ve basically got one stand-alone computer that’s not connected to anything else, including the internet. So, generally most businesses can’t operate without their network to connect them to the world.

Because it carries all the data being transmitted inside and outside an organization, network security is vital to have in place to protect against data breaches and network attacks. Triada Networks are experts at managed network services and network security and specialize in the financial services industries, which are targeted more than other industries.

There are multiple types of threats that can breach a network at any time. If it’s not being managed properly, it’s at risk from several network security threats, such as:

  • Malware, including viruses, spyware, ransomware
  • Denial-of-Service (DOS) attack
  • Data breach
  • Phishing attack
  • Privilege abuse
  • Weak access control
  • Botnets
  • Cryptojacking
  • Advanced persistent threats (APT)

Why is a managed network crucial to proper network security? We’ll explain what it means to have a “managed” network and the benefits to businesses, especially those offering financial services.

A Managed Network = A Secure Network

What is a managed network? It’s simply a computer network that’s being monitored and maintained by an IT professional. Managed network services can include both cloud-based and local server support and ensure your entire network is secure and running effectively.

If you’re just using your network, unmanaged, and hoping for the best, you could end up with a costly security breach and vital company data stolen.

The average cost of loss business due to a data breach is $4.2 million. (IBM)

While the cost of lost or stolen records is significant itself ($148 per record on average), lost customer trust and resulting loss of business due to an insecure network can plague a company for years after a breach.

What types of services are provided when a network is managed? Here’s is a rundown of what it means to have a managed network:

  • Installation and configuration of software
  • 24/7 monitoring of incoming and outgoing network traffic
  • Security patch and upgrade management
  • Break/Fix support for network components
  • Network audits and threat reporting
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Migration administration
  • Anti-phishing, anti-malware and other security protections

Here are some of the specifics of managed network services.

Managed WAN

Your Wide Area Network (WAN) is a communications network that extends over a large area, such as offices in different cities. Managed network services optimize the performance of WANs, ensure traffic is encrypted and secure, and help reduce lags like latency and packet loss to speed up the response time.

Managed Router

Most businesses aren’t thinking about their router, unless of course it goes out and cuts off everyone’s internet connection. Triada Networks can take the hassle out of router connections and Wi-Fi signals by cost effectively improving their performance and reach. Your router also won’t be in danger of being hacked, because it will be part of a complete network security strategy with continual monitoring.

Managed Switch

A common component in ethernet networks is a Local Area Network (LAN) switch. They connect clients, servers, and network devices and control data packets being transferred from a computer over the network. These are often another target of hackers if they’re not properly secured, and an IT professional can ensure they’re not a breach risk.

Integrated Operation Management

A Managed Network Provider, like Triada Networks, is able to keep an eye on your entire network and IT infrastructure with applications that search for any anomalies and report them right away. Additionally, we have the ability to provide network visibility and insights that help businesses make timely decisions on their IT performance needs.

Access Security

Weak passwords are an open door to hackers and one of the main ways they infiltrate company networks. Helping eliminate the human error component to network security is another benefit of having a managed network. Access can be established on based upon permission levels and strong passwords can be built into the access requirements.

Business Benefits

There are several productivity and cost saving benefits of having a managed network that pay for themselves pretty quickly. These benefits to businesses include:

  • Increased network performance (faster, less lag time)
  • Improved security to protect from breaches
  • Increased staff productivity (not having to deal with network issues)
  • Reduced network downtime
  • Allows you to focus on your business

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