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In recent years, we have seen numerous headlines about large corporate entities and their security breaches.

Each of these attacks ended in millions of dollars of damage (like the Experian Data Breach), and countless data breaches of their customers. While one may be led to believe that large corporations are the only businesses at risk, this is simply not the case. In fact, according to research done, 43% of security breaches impacted small business owners.

This proves that cybersecurity for hedge funds is getting more and more important! And this is incredibly dangerous, as it is shown that up to 60% of those small businesses attacked fail within 6 months of an attack.

The reason small businesses are so often attacked is the fact that small businesses are less likely to invest what is necessary to create a proper defense system and fall victim to scams like spear-phishing and phishing. It is the perfect ground for cybercriminals to pounce on and take advantage of.

But what are the most common ways that cybercriminals attack small businesses and how you utilize cybersecurity services as a small business?

Top 8 Ways That Criminals Attack Small Businesses:


Malware is the term for malicious software. Malware is introduced to a device by using a program that targets the device to gain unauthorized access or to cause damage. Types of malware are viruses, ransomware, and spyware.


Phishing is the most commonly used form of cybertheft. It involves collecting sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card information through what appears to be a legitimate source. Phishing most often appears in the form of emails.

Password Attack

A password attack is just as the name implies. It’s a forceful attack at guessing passwords until the hacker gains access. There are some simple cybersecurity measures that can be taken to prevent the loss of data.

Files Attacked

Make sure you back-up your files offline, and regularly. You can use either a cloud source or an external hard drive. Also, be sure to securely store any paper files.

Software Outdated

Do NOT push install later when it comes to software updates. Allow the updates to happen when they are scheduled. This goes for all apps, browsers, and operating systems on all devices.

Passwords Not Utilized

Do not leave any devices unattended or without a strong password. This goes for all tablets, mobile phones, desktops, and laptops. A strong password will be at least 12 characters long and are a combination of numbers, symbols, and lowercase letters. Also, NEVER reuse a password, or use the same password on multiple devices or accounts.

Multi-Factor Authentication Not Utilized

If areas of the network that contain sensitive information need to be accessed, make sure they require multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication requires steps in addition to logging in with a password. These steps may include a temporary code or key.

Not All Staff are Trained

Make sure your employees realize you are dedicated to always keeping a state of complete security. Hold regularly scheduled meetings that explain the precautions you are implanting. Also, teach them about any possible new threats. It is also recommended if employees do not attend these meetings, that their access to the networks is blocked.

Password Management

Solution for Your Small Business

Have Triada Networks Join Your Team

The financial industry has long relied on Triada’s business continuity plans to ensure their cybersecurity. But that does not mean we are not accessible to small businesses.

We believe that smaller businesses deserve the same high-quality cybersecurity that larger firms enjoy. We have designed our IT security plans to be both complete and affordable. We believe that small businesses should have every competitive advantage to grow their business without the worry of a security breach.

From secure file sharing and secure cloud services to one-on-one consultations to make your data as secure as possible, we’re here to help your small business have every advantage.

Whether you need us to assist you in training your employees on cybersecurity measures, anti-phishing to assist you through an audit, or are adding a new piece of software that you want to ensure is secure, the Triada Networks Team will be there for you. 

We do not just install your IT security and leave you on your own. We see our relationship as a long-term one and we are ready to help you navigate any cybersecurity issues that may arise. Take your cybersecurity security to the next level in your small business. Contact us here to schedule your free consultation!