StarVest Partners is a successful venture capital firm operating in New York City that specializes in technology investments. With more than fifteen years in business, StarVest Partners has built a reputation with their clients and competitors, and as such they need the best IT support in order to eliminate any threats to their quality of service.

“Because our business is investing in technology, we must use and be conversant with the latest technology used by businesses to do their business. This includes up to date methods to collaborate, schedule and use cutting edge B2B technology for communication among ourselves, our investors and portfolio companies,” says Deborah Farrington, General Partner and Co-Founder of StarVest Partners. “Technology is essential to the identity of our firm and ability to do every facet of our business.”

After 10 years of less-than-satisfactory service with their previous IT support provider, it became clear to StarVest Partners that they needed to look elsewhere to find the support they required.

The situation: StarVest Partners was in search of a partner in IT that could offer them the responsive, effective, and comprehensive support that their firm deserved.

StarVest Partners had a number of concerns with the quality of their IT support, which had resulted in numerous outstanding issues with their system. Due to a lack of personal service, the problems left unresolved included:

  • Tape backups were not being performed correctly or taken offsite as per protocol
  • Problems with their conference room setup
  • Issues with their remote access, and Virtual Private Network

Thanks to a referral from another venture capital firm, StarVest Partners was connected with Triada Networks, who swiftly addressed their many IT errors.

“We liked the idea of a smaller firm with the top person knowing us and our company, as well as the 24-hour helpline,” says Farrington.

The solution: Triada Networks provided truly responsive and attentive support that addressed each and every one of StarVest Partner’s ongoing IT issues.

Triada Networks ended up being an ideal choice for StarVest Partners, providing them with the following solutions to their technological problems:

  • Implemented a backup and disaster recovery appliance
  • Configured a new VPN and firewall to strengthen their security
  • Migrated their mail system to Microsoft Office 365 for a better end-user experience

“We find Triada Networks’ services to be extremely attractive in terms of cost-benefit tradeoffs,” says Farrington. “Specifically, we think we get a lot for our annual fees to Triada Networks.”

Triada Networks continues to provide cost-effective IT solutions for StarVest Partners, including:

  • Full 24×7 Support
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Annual Meeting Support
  • Hard ware advice to enable use of the most cost effective up to date solutions for use in the office and offsite.
  • Addressing all other concerns as they arise in a timely and professional fashion.

“The service is of the highest caliber,” says Farrington. “I frequently work on Sunday nights at home to prepare for the week ahead. If I am working late on a project and there is a problem with our system (often generated by our office building), I will need to contact them for assistance. No matter what time or where he (the top person and owner of Triada Networks) is, he responds. You can’t buy that quality of attention and service unless someone really cares!”