Secure File Sharing

Up to now you had two choices when it came to file based collaboration with your mobile workforce and external partners:

  • Consumer grade solutions such as Dropbox or One Drive that provide little control over your data
  • Expensive solutions that may or may not integrate with your existing infrastructure like Citrix Sharefile, Interlinks, or Box

Triada Box powered by Centrestack provides you an alternative that gives you the control you want (or require due to compliance), affordable costs, and flexibility.

CentreStack calls it Compliance Cloudified

Your business probably already has file servers and an increasingly mobile workforce and partners. You’d like to give your team the flexibility to share information and collaborate but not lose control of your information.You need to address their mobile access needs so they can continue to work with your on-premise data when off site, but compliance is of paramount importance and you’re not ready for a move to the cloud. You need to cloudify your existing infrastructure while maintaining compliance. You need a solution that provides:

  • On-Premise Deployment: You can’t allow your data or servers to be controlled by third parties.
  • Secure Remote Access: Remote users have the same secure, compliant access experience as on-premise users with speed and simplicity.
  • Controlled Mobile Access: Business data can be accessed from mobile devices.
  • Compliance: You need features like auditing, reporting, encryption, SSL connections and device management to facilitate compliance.​

But We’re a Virtual Team or We don’t have file servers

Triada Networks can provide a private container for your data that provides you and your team all the benefits of having your own controlled file server, without the capital cost, and with all the benefits of the on-premises Triada Box deployment.