Secure File Sharing

Easily transfer & share files with anyone in a compliance-friendly application.

File sharing options that financial firms can rely on for security have been pretty slim up to now. If you want to easily share files with your team, mobile workforce, or external partners you had two options:

  • Less secure, consumer-grade solutions such as Dropbox or OneDrive that provide little control over your data
  • Expensive solutions that may or may not integrate with your existing infrastructure like Citrix ShareFile, Interlinks, or Box.

When you’re sharing sensitive financial data, you need to be able to have full control, be compliance-friendly, and know that the files you’re sharing are encrypted and secure. You also can’t just trust your information to any 3rd party, not when so much is at stake.

Trying to email files back and forth can have major security problems. You can’t control who opens them once they’re sent, and if files are too large, emailing can be impossible. It’s just not a good option at all!

Is there a perfect file sharing program that brings together affordability, security, and fluid integration?

Yes, there is! It’s Triada Box, which is powered by CentreStack. Our proprietary file sharing program was built to offer the best compliance-friendly file sharing solution for those in the financial industry (as well as anyone else!) at a price that’s affordable to boutique investment firms and small business.

Share and collaborate without losing control of your information. With Triada Box, you get the best of both worlds.

 Why You’ll Want to Use Triada Box for Your File Sharing Needs:

  • On-Premise or Cloud Flexibility
    Triada Box was built with the flexibility to be deployed both on your own server or on ours using a private and secure container. If you want complete control, knowing all your data is stored on the server at your office, you’ve got it. Don’t want the capital expense of buying your own server? No problem! You can have all the same benefits using our secure cloud-based option.
  • Secure Remote Access
    You won’t have to worry about any security gaps with Triada Box. It’s engineered so that remote users have the same secure, compliant access as if they were on-premise.
  • Desktop and Mobile Functionality
    A lot of files are shared across different devices – desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets – Triada Box has the functionality to work with all of them. It offers an interface that’s fast, simple, and easy to use.
  • File Locking and Admin Control
    We put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to controlling who can see, download, or share your files. You can lock files with a keystroke and set up user permissions that control who has access which files and folders.
  • Compliance Friendly
    Triada Box has all the features anyone in the financial and investment industries would want, and those you won’t find with many other platforms.

You’ll get auditing, reporting, encryption, SSL connections, and device management all to facilitate compliance.

Do you need a better file sharing application for your company? Tired of running into compliance issues or applications that don’t integrate well with your other programs?

Take a test drive of Triada Box today! We’ll show you how it works and answer all your questions. We can also get it set up for you in no time.  

Schedule a free consultation today by email, web form, or phone.

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