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    Manhattan IT Support Service

    Sometimes, the difference between a struggling Manhattan company and a booming one can simply be the matter of being serviced with the right IT support.

    If you don’t have our expert tech team of gurus behind your back, you could be losing out to your rivals.

    For two decades, we have worked effortlessly to consolidate our IT services as the premier tech support provider in Manhattan. What set us apart was an unrivaled dedication to distinction–an insatiable hunger to provide our customers with superb tech support and IT needs. And so far, we have excelled at this.

    Over the years, our Manhattan clients have come to trust us for IT support, which is a resounding testament of our leadership in the industry, courtesy of our game-changing IT infrastructure.


    We promise you guaranteed service time

    Depending on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that you agree with us, Triada Networks provides you with IT support requirements in guaranteed response time. This typically spans 24 hours after you raise an issue with us.

    We are proactive

    At Triada Network, we understand how devastating downtime can be for your business. Therefore, by aligning with your business needs, we strive to avert possible malfunctions or disruption in operations. We provide you 24/7 monitoring of your IT system, promptly taking preventive maintenance steps when needed.

    We are very scalable

    One of the biggest perks we provide for our clients is pricing flexibility. Our customers appreciate Triada’s first-rate IT services regardless of size and budget, serving big, small and medium companies.

    Indeed, we are open to patiently helping you grow from a fledgling startup to an established industry leader, scaling our IT support for your. We offer managed IT services support, break-fix tech support, or pay-as-you-go services.


    At Triada Networks, we provide holistic IT technical support to businesses and non-profit organizations, which include IT Security for Financial Firms, Remote and In-person IT Support, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, Secure File Sharing, Anti-Phishing Email Security and Secure Could Services.
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    Software IT services

    Our software tech services focus on maintaining (and upgrading) the functionality and performance of your software. From basic software installations and conventional usability assistance to remote troubleshooting and installation, we equip you with first-grade software systems that help your organization thrive in the contemporary IT landscape of your marketplace.

    Our software support spans perfective maintenance, adaptive maintenance, and scheduled maintenance. The perfective services involve maintenance procedures like software product customization, application resolution, re-engineering, and upgrades to boost the usability of your software. At the other end, our scheduled maintenance involves periodic updates and software release management to keep you ahead of the competition.

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    Database IT services

    Our all-inclusive database IT support services handle every bit of your database support needs. We handle tasks like clearing logs, archiving, monitoring, patching, recovering, backup, and other security services.

    This support is reliable and works 24 hours per day. To better optimize cost and improve performance, we leverage the best fitting database administrative personnel.

    Our team also continuously runs health checks on your database systems, ensuring the optimality of your operational database infrastructure.

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    Disaster Recovery services

    Our disaster recovery technology services outfit your IT systems with the necessary resilience for uninterrupted continuity, even in the event of the most devastating disasters. We got you covered with data backup tech support and computer support, should you experience any power outages or worse.

    Admittedly, we are not skilled at predicting fate, but fate does know we are ready for all her mischief. Our disaster recovery plan covers just about any possible event, keeping you formidably prepared.

    Triada’s intelligent and comprehensive business continuity plan saves you from data-related nightmares like data leaks, which are typically associated with cyber security breaches, by utilizing automated assurance for disaster recovery.

    Indeed, we are relentless, running backup tests for viability concerns daily as opposed to the typical once-in-a-blue-moon approach adopted by many other IT support companies.

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    Network Management services

    It goes without saying that Triada network support services are some of the finest you can get in Manhattan NYC. Our team can equip you with cost-effective cloud-based network solutions perfectly adapted to your unique business needs, providing you with the necessary usability and flexibility.

    Altogether, our Quality of Service (QoS) is top notch, thanks to reliable business continuity being supplied by our infallible geographically distributed network infrastructure.

    And, there’s more! We furnish businesses with circuits, VLANs (virtual local area networks), and hardware that are easily operable and maintainable.

    More than that, our network monitoring services maximize cutting-edge technology to monitor, control, and analyze critical metrics, effectively optimizing your communication enterprise’s performance.



    Over the last few years, we have noticed that our clients need more than remote technology support.

    This knowledge informs our commitment towards maintaining a capable team of IT support experts on the ground in Manhattan, where our IT professionals can readily get to your business location for on-site IT support.

    This way, we are speedy in providing you with as much on-site time and support you need!

    Expert Team

    Your search for a company offering IT consulting, help desk support services, and cloud solutions end here. Our IT services for financial companies include:
    Raffi Jamgotchian, CEO

    Raffi Jamgotchian

    President and CTO
    Aline Jamgotchian, CFO

    Aline Jamgotchian

    CFO and Co-Founder
    Poulos Collins-Roberts

    Poulos Collins-Roberts


    Why Our Customers Love Us

    “Raffi is a true leader of what every business owner should exemplify. I have been a client of Triada Network’s for 10 years and I have been more than satisfied with their service they provided. Coming from a business owner myself, working with Triada Network has been a true pleasure. The quality of service they provide is five star and will never leave you in the dark if you are stuck with a computer problem. If you are looking for a company to protect your network, I highly recommend Triada Network.”


    “I have worked with Triada Networks and Raffi Jamgotchian for approximately 4 years. His dedication to our projects has been above and beyond client expectations. He has an understanding of what is needed to complete a project and helps to guide the client in directions they didn’t know were possible. He is a pleasure to collaborate and work with.”


    “I have had the pleasure of working with Triada recently on two successful web sites. The web sites do what we requested and more. When we need changes or additional functionality – Raffi gets it done. I could not be happier and that is why we went to him for the 2nd web site. I would recommend Triada for anyone’s IT needs.”


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    463 Livingston Street, Suite 102-#20 Norwood, NJ 07648


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