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    Triada Networks was started 2008 to offer service boutique asset managers and registered investment advisers full-time information technology solutions. Since then, we’ve branched out to work with different types of businesses and have seen how they must adapt to the changes in the market and in technology in order to succeed.

    Due to rapid changes in cybercrime, adhering to a basic privacy policy or government security compliance is not enough. That’s where Triada Networks come in. We stay on top of the changes in IT and security on your behalf, applying solutions to the changing cybercrime landscape. We use our experience helping businesses large and small put together the tools, processes, education, and policies to truly secure their business.

    Why Us?

    We are lords at what we do

    At Triada Networks, our experts are remarkably adept at general IT infrastructure maintenance as well as in the more sophisticated details of networking and infrastructure, security management, cloud services, unified communications, and SaaS. We provide an integrated IT security suite that protects your business and ensures its growth.

    You are yet in charge

    Despite us being the technical gurus, Triada Networks doesn’t make any systemic changes without your permission.

    This explains why we invest effort into explaining all the technical options you have as well as the possible outcomes in as simple language as possible.

    We provide you with choices and leave you to make your own decisions. Our recommendations are simply advice, leaving you in charge of how you’d like to execute based on what seems like the best fit for your business.

    We are responsive

    We understand how costly downtimes can be. This is why our IT services support team is available to support your Brooklyn business any time. Our clients admire the speed at which we respond when emergencies creep up and our prompt capacity to restore normalcy.

    Aside from on-site customer service, our remote support help desk is manned 24/7 by an IT technician who is very knowledgeable and keen to help with any pressing issues.

    We esteem transparency

    One feature of our service that clients love us for is transparency.

    Yes, it is your business we are building. Therefore, you deserve to be the main stakeholder in the technical processes.

    The way we conduct the implementation of our services is to make our procedures and IT systems as transparent as possible to ensure you understand the impact of everything we do before we do it. Indeed, we are entirely accountable to you.

    With this crucial clarity, you can specifically measure our performance and decide for yourself if it is deserving of a continued collaboration.

    We truly care

    While many IT support providers in Brooklyn NY only care about the dollars, we do care about our clients and their success. We are genuinely interested in your company and are constantly looking for ways to help you gain an edge in your industry.

    Likewise, our staff is passionate about its work and is ethically grounded. From professionalism to a human touch, our IT services support team is eager to understand and meet your changing security needs.

    Our Services

    Our team is comprised of multidisciplinary computer professionals, who are the finest in the business. Because of this, we offer a wide range of IT support services in Brooklyn.

    Among this broad spectrum of services, we include:

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    Disaster Recovery

    Disasters don’t work by appointment; they can strike your business any time. From human disasters like malware attack, software malfunction, and employee error to natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes in Brooklyn, data loss can cost you a fortune, and yes, a large chunk of your competitiveness.

    With our disaster recovery technical support (including data backup services), we guarantee fluid business continuity even in the event of a supposedly catastrophic disaster. Our disaster recovery plan (DRP) espouses our line of response and how we will keep your time-sensitive information running and protected, while we execute a comprehensive restoration.

    Our DRP plans have proactive and reactive components, so that we not only restore your sensitive information in real-time but forestall any potential reoccurrence.

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    Cyber security

    Cyberhackers will exploit every opportunity or vulnerability they can find in your systems. Will you give them that chance?

    With our team by your side, we will leverage sophisticated digital security technologies that comply strictly with industry-leading compliance standards.

    Our technical expertise in cyber security is unrivaled in Brooklyn. Our user protection is top-grade, protecting you from the likes of SQL injection, spywares, Trojan, denial-of-service attacks, phishing, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

    More than just the technicality, our cybersecurity IT services are highly flexible and adaptable to your time and service needs. This ensures we adapt our technologies and systems to your industry niche and cyber threat landscape.

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    Project Management Tech Support

    You deserve better than unreliable legacy platforms. Let us improve your performance and output by enhancing your service availability and optimizing your project management processes with our game-changing tech systems.

    Whether you are looking for a dedicated information technology partner to wholly outsource your project management tech support or need us to integrate with your in-house management team, we are up for the job at Triada Networks.

    From strategy, design and transition to operation and improvement, we work with you every step of the way, aligning to your objectives and unique IT support requirements.

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    Network Monitoring and Security

    There are very few things as risky as leaving your IT assets vulnerable. Triada’s Network security and monitoring tech support in Brooklyn NY ensures that your network systems’ digital integrity is optimized 24 hours a day.

    Triada’s expert network support guarantees that your IT applications, routers, firewalls, and switches are thoroughly secured. Our security team will consistently test your network systems in order to nullifying any social engineering or hacking threats.

    But we’ll never keep you in the dark about this. In fact, we operate advanced custom dashboards that enable you to keep up with your network infrastructure, accurately determining how healthy and secure your systems are at every level of performance.

    Additionally, our network monitoring systems and procedures are SOC-2 compliant. This way, you can enjoy that coveted peace of mind you and your business deserve.

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    Cloud Technology Services

    Cloud technology is here to stay, and Triada Networks is at the forefront of cloud computing adoption in Brooklyn. With Triada’s cloud support services, you can enjoy boundless connectivity, instant access, simplicity, and most importantly, scalability.

    Our cloud computing design process would have our specialists rigorously analyze your IT needs and customize the right cloud technology services package for you. By doing so, we provide you with cost-effective cloud support services that amplify your performance, while reducing redundancy.

    After designing the appropriate cloud environment for your company in Brooklyn, our tech support specialists execute your data migration process. Next, we onboard your in-house team to easily operate these system upgrades.

    But it don’t end there. Periodically – most probably monthly or bimonthly – our experts will audit your systems, analyzing your cloud usage, identifying significant operational issues and resolving them with top-class IT solutions.

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    IT Managed Services

    We have some of the most comprehensive terms of service for businesses that seek managed IT service partners in Brooklyn. We cover every aspect of your business needs from proactive on-site support and remote support to patch management.

    While our managed services are essentially industry compliant, we are especially known for our insatiable knack for cyber security services innovation.

    Indeed, we are always at the forefront of adopting new technologies that will keep your business relevant and competitive in an ever-changing IT ecosystem in Brooklyn NY.

    We want to go the distance with you

    For all these brilliant technology solutions we offer, we aim for stability and continuity. As opposed to other IT support providers who care only about your money today, we want to partner with you long-term.

    But we don’t beg for such lasting partnerships–we work for them and earn them. This is done by exploring our mutual fit and aligning your business outcomes with ours. That way, we ensure that your suggestions and desires are heard, while we use our expertise to advise you with optimal computer and IT services support.

    This is because for us at Triada Networks, it is excellence or nothing!

    Expert Team

    Your search for a company offering IT consulting, help desk support services, and cloud solutions end here. Our IT services for financial companies include:
    Raffi Jamgotchian, CEO

    Raffi Jamgotchian

    President and CTO
    Aline Jamgotchian, CFO

    Aline Jamgotchian

    CFO and Co-Founder
    Poulos Collins-Roberts

    Poulos Collins-Roberts




    As opposed to other IT support providers who care only about your money today, we want to partner with you long-term.

    But we don’t beg for such lasting partnerships–we work for them and earn them. This is done by exploring our mutual fit and aligning your business outcomes with ours. That way, we ensure that your suggestions and desires are heard, while we use our expertise to advise you with optimal computer and IT services support.

    This is because for us at Triada Networks, it is excellence or nothing!

    Why Our Customers Love Us

    “Raffi is a true leader of what every business owner should exemplify. I have been a client of Triada Network’s for 10 years and I have been more than satisfied with their service they provided. Coming from a business owner myself, working with Triada Network has been a true pleasure. The quality of service they provide is five star and will never leave you in the dark if you are stuck with a computer problem. If you are looking for a company to protect your network, I highly recommend Triada Network.”


    “I have worked with Triada Networks and Raffi Jamgotchian for approximately 4 years. His dedication to our projects has been above and beyond client expectations. He has an understanding of what is needed to complete a project and helps to guide the client in directions they didn’t know were possible. He is a pleasure to collaborate and work with.”


    “I have had the pleasure of working with Triada recently on two successful web sites. The web sites do what we requested and more. When we need changes or additional functionality – Raffi gets it done. I could not be happier and that is why we went to him for the 2nd web site. I would recommend Triada for anyone’s IT needs.”


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