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Keep cyber criminals out with rock solid email protection.

Phishing emails are still the #1 cause of data breaches. Hackers go after the human factor, your employees, who don’t always have the tools or skills to avoid emails with malicious links that are craftily designed with one specific purpose, to trick them into clicking. If you’re trying to ward off malicious file attachments from phishing emails, using a manual spam filter can have slow detection times, and those dangerous emails end up sitting in employee inboxes just waiting on someone to be in a hurry and not paying close attention. One click is all it takes to infect your whole network, and often a malware script that causes a data breach can go undetected for week or months, with data being vulnerable to thieves that whole time While phishing is the main port of entry for any number of viruses, malware, and malicious scripts, anti-phishing solutions and incident response aren’t always well integrated, so threats can remain instead of being completely eradicated. So, how does a New York or New Jersey firm combat phishing and improve email security and outlook support, while also getting a great value? With the world’s first automated phishing prevention, detection and response platform.

Triada Networks Presents… IRONSCALES:

IRONSCALES is an award-winning platform designed to provide an integrated solution with outlook support that offers robust security and protection against the number one data breach threat. Here are the six main reasons you’re going to want to use this platform.  Detection and Prevention IRONSCALES has multiple tools that are all designed to keep your staff protected from phishing and accidental clicks on malicious attachments. Features include:

  • InMail Alerts
  • Sender Reputation Scoring
  • Inbox Behavioral Analysis
  • Similarity Checks
  • Real-Time Email Scanning

Automated Forensics This platform is like having your own IT forensics army taking an in depth look at every email that goes in or out of your network. This automated component of IRONSCALES does all this:

  • URL/Link Scanning
  • Attachments Scanning
  • Affected Mailboxes Real-Time Report
  • Spam Analysis
  • Email Clustering

Automated Incident Response Once IRONSCALES is setup, the automations keep you protected 24/7. This frees up time spent on email security to be used in other areas of your business. Automations that keep your inboxes protected include:

  • Automated Mitigation
  • Automated Remediation
  • Automated Server-Side Remediation
  • Intelligent Spam Handling

Intelligence with Outlook Support This is the smartest email security and anti-phishing platform we’ve ever worked with. It’s designed to act as your very own email sentry, learning and adjusting with each email that comes in. Here are its intelligent features:

  • Real-Time Intelligence Sharing
  • Automated Execution
  • Human Verified Intelligence
  • Crowd Sourced Intelligence
  • Cross-Organization Sharing

Orchestration There’s a reason that IRONSCALES has won multiple awards, including Best Messaging Security Solution from Cyber Defense Magazine, this platform goes above and beyond all others. Here are ways it carries out top-notch anti-phishing email security:

  • Multi AV/Metascan & SandBox Integration
  • Employable Intelligence by SIEM & SOC
  • Automated Workflow Triggering
  • Product Line Integration

Price Performance Leader You might worry that you’d have to pay a lot for a powerful solution like IRONSCALES, but this platform was designed be affordable for all sized businesses. Basic packages are 40% less than competitive applications. Value-added benefits include:

  • Automated to Reduce Manual Labor Costs
  • No Expensive Services
  • Excellent Support Library Included

Imagine not having to worry about an email scam hitting your office in New York again. Why? Because IRONSCALES has your back and has caught, quarantined, and reported any threats before they even hit your employees’ inboxes.  Are you ready to see a demonstration of IRONSCALES in action? Our Triada Networks Team will give you an in depth look at this application and answer all your email security questions too. Sign up for your free demo today by contacting us online or calling 201-297-7778.

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