How Secure are Your Mobile Devices? The Importance of Mobile Device Management Applications

Mobile device use for work is pretty much a standard practice now days at companies around the world in every type of industry. Contributing factors to this shift in workflow include the prevalence of cloud computing and mobile apps and the advanced capabilities of today’s smartphones and tablets.

Offices also benefit from a boost in productivity due the flexibility and convenience that mobile devices provide.

71% of employees spend more than two hours per week accessing company information on mobile devices.

But with all that freedom and flexibility comes security concerns. How do you ensure the security of your data and network when it’s being accessed by multiple mobile devices from multiple locations?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) applications are designed to answer that challenge. They help companies get a handle on mobile security, whether their policy is to issue company devices or use a bring your own device (BYOD) policy.

Data privacy compliance and IT security for financial firms in New York City and New Jersey is a top priority for Triada Networks. When firms need to comply with FINRA and other similar privacy regulations, it means all their data needs to be in compliance whether it’s accessed by desktop or mobile.

Read on to find out how a mobile device management application can help you enjoy the benefits of mobile computing while also keeping devices and access secure.

The Top Benefits of a Mobile Device Management Application

Managing mobile devices used to access business data and cloud-based platforms has really become a necessity in offices. Without proper monitoring and control of device data access, an organization is open to a costly data breach incident.

An MDM application consists of software that allows you to manage, monitor, and secure mobile devices within your organization, both those that belong to your company and those that belong to your employees.

Here are the top benefits of using mobile device management at your business.

Data Loss Prevention

Using an MDM safeguards company files that might be saved on a tablet or mobile phone by backing up everything to a cloud-based storage system. This significantly reduces the chance of lost data due to a stolen, lost, or broken device and supports good business continuity.

Reduces Costs by Supporting BYOD

Without a proper way to monitor information and access on employee private devices, many companies feel they have no option but to purchase and issue company devices.

A mobile device management platform allows you the security you need to work with a BYOD policy, which is much less expensive.

Easy Remote Management

If you have a team member that’s lost their phone, your administrator can quickly put a trace on it to help find it. And if the device is stolen, it only takes a few keystrokes to remotely lock the device out of any company applications and do a remote wipe if needed.

The ability to remotely manage users and devices makes the administration of a mobile use policy much easier and protects both your company and your employees.

Regulatory Compliance

The ability to enforce necessary security policies across employee mobile devices is one of the most valuable benefits of using an MDM application. The application can guard against unauthorized access and can confirm network integrity.

Compliance protocols can be customized so that they automatically apply to all devices on your MDM system.

Easier App Installs & Updates

Whenever you have a new application to install or an important update to make, trying to ensure it’s deployed across multiple employee devices can be incredibly time-consuming if you don’t have MDM in place.

With mobile device management you can easily ensure all mobile apps are up to date and can easily install new applications remotely across all devices at once.

Comprehensive Reporting

When all mobile devices used for work are connected to an MDM platform, you have the ability to generate insightful reports that can help you make actionable business decisions.

This includes monitoring mobile use and expenses so you can avoid high overage fees, you can also see which applications are being used the most to see which are enabling productivity and which aren’t.

Enhance Internal Communication

MDM can facilitate more efficient workflow management and communication between your team. The flexibility of being able to connect from remote locations or the office means team members are always kept in the loop.

Things like assigning tasks and monitoring progress of various initiatives can all be enabled through a mobile device management application.

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