IT Support Services for Financial Firms

Reliable, Dependable IT Solutions for Small Independent Asset Management Firms.

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Cloud Security

We offer secure cloud services and data protection solutions for financial institutions. You can store and use data across various cloud services without worries about your company’s safety.

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Protection From Cyber Attacks

Financial systems are especially vulnerable to cyber attacks, so we help you recognize and get rid of malicious software threats.

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Disaster Recovery

In case of an emergency, having a data back-up and recovery plan can help you get back in business. Hence, we focus on ensuring privacy and creating a risk management strategy.

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IT for the Financial Services Industry

Financial services providers are leaders in digital transformation. Money management, insurance, payments, and banking technology are reaching new heights with the adoption of technology. However, the more apps and data that businesses are using, the greater the IT risks are.

That’s why privacy and security are very important for financial systems. You’ve heard the horror stories of financial institutions leaking massive amounts of data and sensitive information. You can’t have that happen to your company!

You need to enter the era of digital transformation with secure IT infrastructure.

Our IT solutions will make your platforms and working environment safe from cyber attacks. We also offer help with everyday technology problems. Triada Networks will be covering all your weak spots while providing ongoing support and cloud computing solutions.

For Reliable High-Performance Solutions

You need a plan tailored to your needs and the financial services you offer. We work alongside our clients to ensure that all customer expectations are met. We believe that IT management shouldn’t be difficult to understand, so we aim to include you in the process as much as you wish.

Our IT services include:

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Cyber Security

The most important concern of financial firms is protecting their network from malicious attacks. Protection from cyber threats can’t be taken lightly!
We scan your platforms to make sure there aren’t any operational inefficiencies.

Our Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems will identify any hostile cyber activity that targets your business.

That way we can provide a fast response to cyber threats, so you don’t experience any kind of business loss.

You can focus on providing financial services for your end-user and leave IT operations to trustworthy experts.

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Data Back-Up

Catastrophes can stop your operations and damage your business if you don’t have a data back-up plan. That’s especially true for the financial services industry, in which secure data is everything! You can experience a huge revenue decrease if your data is leaked or lost, not to mention serious reputational damage.

Hence, Triada Networks will offer you continuous protection and instant recovery of your data in case of an emergency. You’ll also have access to our consulting department that will help you create a customized strategy for your business to increase your risk management efforts.

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Secured Cloud Services

We offer secure cloud environments for our banking customers. You’ll have access to desktop virtualization and a hosted cloud data center, which will increase collaboration and productivity in your company.

Our cloud computing service will help you stay ahead of your competitors. We can also help you create a hybrid cloud made of on-premises infrastructure and a combination of private and public cloud services.

The encryption system in the cloud will keep your data readable for authorized parties only. We won’t allow sensible financial information to fall into the wrong hands. You can rest assured that your clients’ data is safe and secure in our cloud.

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Email Protection

Malicious attacks and phishing are very common, so we want to create an IT environment in your company that can quickly recognize and catch these threats. With our email protection, there’ll be no more damages from accidental clicks on malicious attachments!

We provide automated forensics, intelligent outlook support, and automatic incidence responses to help you control your inbound and outbound email.

Our software will automatically identify and block phishing emails and cyber threats so you and your employees can safely use the email software.

Financial IT Solutions for Technical Issues

Triada Networks also solves technical issues, such as:

  • Hardware and software problems
  • Internet connection problems
  • System failures
  • Maintenance of upgrades and patches
  • Malfunctions of office equipment

Choosing the right IT Company is hard, that is why We want to hear all about you and your company so we can tailor an IT security strategy to your needs. Tell us your problems, and we’ll deliver solutions. Contact us and get your FREE CONSULTATION now!



Just like we want to know more about your banking company, we’d figured you might want to hear more about us. We’ve gathered IT experts that have been working in the industry for more than 20 years.

Our goal is achieving the ultimate customer satisfaction in the world of technology and IT security. We’ve built our business and established our reputation on trust because our customers always come first. It’s the supreme client experience that makes us outperform other firms by miles!

Meet Our Expert Team

These experts will address your needs and have your back from day one. Protect your business and optimize your IT investments with Triada Networks. Let’s grow together as partners!

Raffi Jamgotchian, CEO

Raffi Jamgotchian

President and CTO
Aline Jamgotchian, CFO

Aline Jamgotchian

CFO and Co-Founder
Poulos Collins-Roberts

Poulos Collins-Roberts



IT Support as a Financial Firm

Customer expectations for banks and other financial institutions are rising each day. If you’re not up-to-date with the latest technology demands, you won’t be able to stay ahead of your competitors. However, with technological advancement comes a bigger threat. Attackers are targeting financial firms for their data and you must protect it. If you don’t want to risk your reputation and losing your clients’ trust, you need top IT security. 

Software that can secure information and protect you from attacks is more than a convenience. It’s a necessity! You need to run your business without endangering your clients, and we can show you how. Secure cloud services, cybersecurity software, email protection, and other IT security services are just parts of the package you’ll have with Triada Networks. 

We also provide 24/7 support for solving ongoing issues and keep your IT needs in check. With a single call, you’ll reach our expert team that is ready to answer your questions and help you through every predicament. 

When your IT system fails, your business stops. Why let that happen? You don’t deserve to lose a ton of money just because of inefficient tech. You deserve the best, and with Trida a Network, you can have it. We’ll have your back from day one because we’re not just any kind of company. We’re the IT partners you’re looking for.

Why Our Customers Love Us

“Raffi is a true leader of what every business owner should exemplify. I have been a client of Triada Network’s for 10 years and I have been more than satisfied with their service they provided. Coming from a business owner myself, working with Triada Network has been a true pleasure. The quality of service they provide is five star and will never leave you in the dark if you are stuck with a computer problem. If you are looking for a company to protect your network, I highly recommend Triada Network.”

“I have worked with Triada Networks and Raffi Jamgotchian for approximately 4 years. His dedication to our projects has been above and beyond client expectations. He has an understanding of what is needed to complete a project and helps to guide the client in directions they didn’t know were possible. He is a pleasure to collaborate and work with.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Triada recently on two successful web sites. The web sites do what we requested and more. When we need changes or additional functionality – Raffi gets it done. I could not be happier and that is why we went to him for the 2nd web site. I would recommend Triada for anyone’s IT needs.”

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