From sophisticated malware hacks that target vulnerable networks to simple data breaches that lead to significant loss of resources, your business cannot afford to fall prey to cyberattacks!

In this book, we’ll show you exactly how YOU can take matters into your own hands and protect your business and assets from cybercrime.

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A sure sign of a mature or maturing organization is the adoption and use of a security framework. Raffi provides a succinct intro to a few such frameworks and explains the benefits of choosing one or more for your business. Along the way he shows the multitude of issues involved and summarizes them within the security pyramid which makes keeping a high level view of what’s involved easily possible.

Sevag Ajemian

Founder, Globanet Consulting

Raffi Jamgotchian’s chapter ( #31)on Security Frameworks is a must read. He lucidly defines them, describes the most common ones. Raffi then goes on to demystify the “Pyramid of security” in easy to understand steps so you have a comprehension and comfort with the terminology and importance of Security. In twenty minutes, I went from knowing little to a working knowledge, which every business executive should have.

Parag Saxena

CEO, Vedanta Capital Management

very very informative & outstanding info. I know that cybersecurity is important, but equally important is knowing that it’s being handled. Having a framework is important not only for your own use, but also to show your customers that you are doing everything you can to protect them too. Thanks for the insight; you are truly an expert in your field!

Roger Naut

Partner, RC Services of New York

Is Your Business Treading On Thin Ice?

It’s not fair! You work so hard to grow your business, and all it takes is ONE cyber-attack from a hacker and your life is turned upside-down. Suddenly, your employees’ information, your clients’ private data and your financial future are all at RISK! Just one data breach causes a ripple effect that exposes you to theft, liability, fines, lawsuits, lost business, countless hours and the permanent damage to your brand.

But you’re not alone! 31 CelebrityExperts® and authors in this book bring over a century’s worth of experience in PREVENTING these business-crippling cyber-attacks.

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What’s inside

In this important book written for today’s business owner and CEO, you’ll learn the most effective cyber security solutions to erect a steel wall around your business assets. You will learn:


  • Why it’s no longer a matter of IF small businesses JUST LIKE YOURS will suffer a cyber-attack, it’s a matter of WHEN
  • NINE critical steps you must take now to protect yourself from a data breach that could cost you MASSIVE money, time and quite possibly YOUR BUSINESS
  • How to PREVENT today’s fastest growing and most feared cyber-attack — RANSOMWARE — so you aren’t blackmailed for TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars
  • How to ensure YOUR OWN EMPLOYEES don’t accidentally (or purposely) invite cybercriminals onto your network
  • Why YOUR personal information is probably already on the DARK WEB and what you can do about it now
  • How to protect your IDENTITY from being stolen, how to keep your data safe in THE CLOUD, and so much more!

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About the author.

Raffi Jamgotchian, CEO

Raffi Jamgotchian arrived in the US from England at the age of 3 (sorry he can’t run for President!). Growing up in New Jersey he promptly lost his British accent, which irritates his boys to this day.

He became interested in computers at a young age since his Dad was a computer programmer and enjoyed tinkering with electronics.

Raffi works with industry-leading companies such as Fortinet, Datto, Microsoft, and others to help smaller independent investment firms with their cybersecurity and IT needs.

Raffi Jamgotchian

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