We are starting a new series about Kids Cybersecurity. In the days we live in, it’s crucial to protect our kids from the threats lurking around online.

Did you know that 56% of tweens (ages 8-12) and 77% of teens (ages 12-17) have a cell phone? That is a large number of children that are on cell phones daily especially with these statistics. More importantly, are you protecting your children from the cybersecurity threats out there? If this question has you wondering, stay tuned as we provide you several safety tips on how you can keep your children safe with cell phones.

Use parental controls

Limit screen time by checking out this article (gives you instructions for Android and iPhone users)

Control access to apps and content. You can read by clicking here (gives you instructions for both)

Protecting the child’s privacy by Tran app where you can control many things- click here for a list of the top 10 parental control apps of 2019

Set device limitations

Put time restrictions on screen time even with a phone

-Children of all ages need a certain amount of sleep every night to function best and they won’t be able to get that if they are on their phone a lot at night (see this site with all the sleep requirements here)

-Have other activities the children are involved in besides being on their phone- get creative with ways to engage with your children and even include some physical activity

Have time every day where the family puts their phones down and spends time together like eating meals, activities, etc. Enjoy each other’s company

Teach Safety Features

Never share personal information on the web: phone numbers, locations, passwords, and family members names

Never send explicit images

Never involve yourself in cyber-bullying

Always ask people’s permission before taking a photo or video and sharing a photo or video

Never drive while on phone (this is a law in some places)-No text or call is worth having a wreck and possibly losing life over

Never share anything that you don’t want on the internet- it can build a digital footprint that will never go away

Encourage them to always come to you with anything they have seen or experienced on the internet that is not right

Depending on Age and Needs, Purchase a Kid-Friendly Cell Phone

There are many different types of phones and devices out there for kids of different ages. Click here to see a few varieties so you can pick the one that is most suitable for your child and family.

As you can see there are a lot of ways to prevent cyber crimes with your children if these types of safety measures are put into place. Please take heed to do these things so you can keep your precious children safe from the cybercriminals out there. Remember to stay vigilant and keep your eyes and ears out when it comes to your children’s cell phones. Stay tuned as we have part 2 of cybersecurity for kids coming out soon!