Computer Security and Compliance

Security for Financial FirmsComprehensive and Affordable are not two words you normally see together when it comes to information security. The IT security market has evolved and now there are systems that can be put in place that if done with the right expertise can increase your security posture over your competitors.

Regulators are changing the rules on how both Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and non-RIAs can function when it comes to their internal operations and practices. Investment companies need to adjust how they operate to mean the requirements set by the alphabet soup of regulations: SEC, FINRA, FISMA , etc.

Compliance Does Not Equal Security

However, just adhering to a security checklist provided by a government regulator isn’t enough to keep your company, it’s data, or your clients’ information secure from harm. As technology evolves, it means that the threats to your business also evolve. Security is a process and never ends.

The Reality of the Cost of Breaches

We hear lots of numbers from different pundits about what the cost of breaches are and some are more accurate than others. But the truth of the matter is that as a financial services company, those breaches not only can affect your bank account directly, but it will also affect regulatory fines and harm to your reputation.

While there is no such thing as absolute security, we can help put the right things in place so you don’t end up in the papers. And when the auditors come around, you’ll have the tools you need, and the support by your side to get them what they need and then get back to the business of investing.