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Your network and data are not safe, nor is the information of your clients, even if you comply with a regulatory security checklist. Hackers and scammers are willing to go to a lot of effort to get data that will make them money. You owe it to yourself and to your clients to have more than just the minimum security requirements in place.

IT security is a vital part of any office, but it’s even more important for financial firms whose data includes the sensitive information of their clients. Financial firms are more frequently targeted by hackers and scammers because the amount that they stand to gain is often greater than that of other types of businesses.

Keep reading to learn why computer security compliance is vital to your business!

How Do Hackers Get Access?

Dangers like phishing attacks that target unsuspecting employees and unsecure Wi-Fi connections by staff on mobile devices are just two examples of how a door can be opened for hackers.

Scammers might also create an email address that is similar to that of the company’s CEO, CFO, or tech department and email the company employees asking for passwords or sensitive information. Employees, hoping to comply with the orders of their boss, give this information willingly, putting the entire company at risk.

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Hackers can gain access by any number of methods, and while your employees should know the procedures for password disclosure, they shouldn’t ever have to guess. Instead, implement top notch cyber security services from Triada to avoid the problem completely.

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How Much Does a Data Breach Cost?

Unless you have the proper security in place, it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up the aftermath of just one data breach.

According to The Cost of Data Breach Study by Ponemon Institute & IBM Security, just a single breached record can cost a financial firm $215. Multiplied by 200 records, that’s $43,000 and it only goes up from there.

The financial services industry is among the key targets for hacking because of the access to financial data they hold.

Although you might sigh at the thought of adding high quality cyber security services to your monthly fees, consider it an insurance payment that could save you hundreds of thousands, or even millions depending on the size of your firm, in the long run.

Where Can You FInd Airtight IT Security?

Airtight IT security means that you can sleep well at night, knowing that someone has a watchful eye on your systems and data at all times.

Triada Networks provides a complete and comprehensive IT security plan and IT support for financial firms that address regulations for both Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and non-RIAs. When it comes to SEC, FINRA, FISMA, and other regulatory bodies, our team are experts on both regulatory compliance and keeping financial data networks safe and secure.

Reasons the Financial Industry Relies on Triada Networks for IT Security

The financial industry has long relied on Triada’s business continuity plans to ensure their cybersecurity.

Join some of the world’s most influential financial firms in protecting your data. Read on to see why Triada Networks leads the way for cyber security compliance and services.

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Experience That You Can Rely On

Our team has over two decades of experience, not only working in the IT industry, but specifically working in cybersecurity with financial services companies. We know the industry inside and out and the type of protection that’s needed in an ever-evolving IT security landscape.

But it’s not just our experience that’s worth mentioning. The Triada team is consistently reviewing government guidelines, taking courses, and getting one-on-one education to stay up to date on the latest cyber security and IT trends so that we can have additional security in place for you before hackers even think of targeting your business.

We’re Cyber Security Industry Leaders

From our collaboration with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) to our US Secret Service Joint Electronics Crimes Task Force, when you entrust your IT security to Triada Networks, you know you’re working with an industry-leading IT partner that you can trust to always be innovating in the NYC and New Jersey area.

Although we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the technology realm, that doesn’t mean that we don’t take on small businesses and in fact, they’re one of our areas of specialization!

Affordable for Smaller Businesses

We believe that boutique investment firms and smaller businesses deserve the same high-quality cyber security that larger firms enjoy. So, we’ve designed our IT security plans to be both robust and affordable. You should have every competitive advantage to grow your business without worry that a data breach is going to do major harm to your forward motion.

From secure file sharing and secure cloud services to one-on-one consultations to make your data as secure as possible, we’re here to help your small business have every advantage.

We’ll Be by Your Side When You Need Us

Whether you need us in on a data security compliance meeting, to assist you through an audit, or are adding a new piece of software that you want to ensure is secure, the Triada Networks Team will be there for you. Have a question about educating your team on anti-phishing scams, we can help!

We’re not just going to install your IT security and leave you on your own, we see our relationship as a long-term one and we’ll help you navigate any cyber security issues that may arise now and in the future.

Invest In Data Security Services Today

Take your IT security to the next level and work with a firm you can trust. Triada Networks has over 20 years of financial cyber security experience and a passion for keeping your data safe like no other.

But don’t just take our word for it. Learn more about why our customers love us.

Contact us today to schedule your free IT security report card and to chat more about how our services can help you.

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