Computer Security Compliance

Cybersecurity designed to reduce risk and maintain control.

IT security is a vital part of any office, but especially so for financial firms whose data includes the sensitive financial information of their clients. Just complying with a regulatory security checklist doesn’t ensure your network is safe from a breach.

Dangers like phishing attacks that target unsuspecting employees and insecure Wi-Fi connections by staff on mobile devices are just two examples of how a door can be opened for hackers. Unless you have the proper security in place, it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up the aftermath of just one data breach.

According to The Cost of Data Breach Study by Ponemon Institute & IBM Security, just a single breached record can cost a financial firm $215. Multiplied by 200 records, that’s $43,000. The financial services industry is among the key targets for hacking because of the access to financial data they hold.

Are you looking for airtight IT security so you can sleep soundly at night?

Triada Networks provides a complete and comprehensive IT security plan for financial firms that addresses regulations for both Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and non-RIAs. When it comes to SEC, FINRA, FISMA, and other regulatory bodies our team are experts both on regulatory compliance and keeping financial data networks safe and secure.

Reasons the Financial Industry Relies on Triada Networks for IT Security:

  • Experience You Can Rely On
    Our team has over two decades of experience, not only working in the IT industry, but specifically working in cybersecurity with financial services companies. We know the industry inside and out and the type of protection that’s needed in an ever-evolving IT security landscape.
  • We’re Cybersecurity Industry Leaders
    From our collaboration with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) to our US Secret Service Joint Electronics Crimes Task Force, when you entrust your IT security to Triada Networks, you know you’re working with an industry-leading IT partner that you can trust to always be innovating in the NYC and New Jersey area.
  • Affordable for Smaller Businesses
    We believe that boutique investment firms and smaller businesses deserve the same high-quality cybersecurity that larger firms enjoy. So, we’ve designed our IT security plans to be both robust and affordable. You should have every competitive advantage to grow your business without worry that a data breach is going to do major harm to your forward motion.
  • We’ll Be by Your Side When You Need Us
    Whether you need us in on a data security compliance meeting, to assist you through an audit, or are adding a new piece of software that you want to ensure is secure, the Triada Networks Team will be there for you. We’re not just going to install your IT security and leave you on your own, we see our relationship as a long-term one and we’ll help you navigate any cybersecurity issues that may arise now and in the future.

Take your IT security to the next level and work with a firm you can trust. Triada Networks has over 20 years of financial cybersecurity experience. Contact us today to schedule your free IT security report card.

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