10 Reasons Why You Should Work With Triada To Help with IT Security

It is necessary to protect the integrity of your data, both personal and commercial purposes, from cyberattacks that could cause damage.

With over 20 years of experience, we offer IT security with many strategies developed to prevent any intrusion and unauthorized access to sensitive organizational assets such as data, computers and confidential information.

1) We specialize in IT security To Protect Your Financial Services

Where there are ongoing transactions with money is also where you are going to find the greatest targeted cyber threats. Financial Services firms have unique needs with their cybersecurity and technology. We’ve been working in and with investment companies since 1995.

IT security will protect your financial services from targeted attacks. Investing in IT security means investing in technology that can detect malware, encrypted communication, identify and eliminate vulnerability and therefore safeguard your data and protect your IT for financial services.

We understand the pressures you are under and the pace you need to do them. The technology you work with should work for you and not be a barrier. Our support is available around the clock to ensure that you have the help you need when you need it and where you need it.

2) We can help with cloud security

The definition of cloud security is the process of protecting any cloud-based data from theft, deletion or leakage through using a number of procedures, methods and technologies. Cloud security is important for any organization using cloud-based solutions.

At Triada, we offer safe and superior secure cloud service that will ensure that your organization can work from any device, anywhere, while keeping your business data safe from any intruders and security breaches that could cause damage.

Also, we can use cloud security through our well tested, robust and effective IT security plan. As malware and hackers get smarter, the need to protect our data is greater than ever, and is necessary for us to integrate IT security in our businesses. Our team has the experience you can rely on and trust, you are working with an industry-leading IT partner and we are there to help you at all hours every day of the week with our team behind IT support.

3) We understand FINRA and SEC Compliance

We understand your unique compliance needs and support you as new ones come up. We stand with you during your due diligence and audit reviews to help answer questions that come up and put your best foot forward.

4) We Provide the Best Anti-phishing scam software

When choosing what Anti-phishing software to use to protect your organization, it’s important to look at what features you are going to receive to detect, prevent and protect you and your organization from any phishing attempts.

Our bulletproof, award-winning Anti-phishing scam software will ensure through using several methods that your organization is safe and well protected from any phishing attempts.

5) We’ve been doing CyberSecurity for over 20 years

CyberSecurity is in our DNA, it’s not just the latest buzzword. To counter ever-evolving cyber threats, businesses need strategies to strike back. By using our services we can help to significantly increase your Cybersecurity and as a result, increase your business performance.

A lot of IT providers are jumping on the cybersecurity bandwagon; we’ve been driving that bandwagon for 20 years. Organizations need to ensure that they have efficient IT security software, to control their accessibility and prevent intrusion from outside cyber threats, which is exactly what we provide. This means you get someone that truly understands the risks that are out there and have pragmatic solutions to mitigate that risk without breaking the bank.

6) We Can Help With Secure File Sharing

Secure file sharing is to transfer data and files either internally or externally using a safe and reliable method. At Triada, we provide a well-developed, safe and user-friendly method of transferring sensitive data between users or organizations.

Using encryption, auditing, SSL connections and device management we are making sure that your files are protected, confidential and secure from any outside unauthorized intruders or cyber threats.

7) We Can Help Develop Your plan for Business continuity?

A successful business has a business continuity plan. A business needs to analyze their state of preparedness, develop and update methods for achieving your goals and to be prepared for outages.

As business needs to implement these methods and update its security measures and technical solutions. Any organization needs to ensure they are ready to tackle any situation that may arise and continue to evaluate, improve and maintain methods working towards your goals. At Triada, we can help you develop a Business continuity plan.

8) Quarterly Business/Technology Reviews

We’re a part of your team and are committed to making sure you have the right systems in place for your business.

We do in-depth reviews of gadgets and a variety of consumer-based technologies. All to bring you the latest and greatest when it comes to new technologies for protecting your business

9) No Long-Term Contracts

When you are doing business, no matter the size of your organization, it is very important to have a well-defined agreement to protect your interests.

We always set clear expectations for what Triada is going to do for your business. We like to develop great customer relationships and always try to make our customers feel like they have made the right choice. Through trust and mutual understanding, we avoid unnecessary risks and work within clear and agreed-upon terms.

We earn your business every month. And We’re confident in our ability to give you the support you need so that you will stay with us. We know you don’t like long term contracts, we don’t like them either.

10) One Hand to Shake That is Always There

As your partner we not only will handle the things we can take care of ourselves, but we will help manage all your other technology vendors including market data services, internet providers, phones, websites, and copiers.

At Triada, we always Answer the Phone!. When you call us during business hours we pick up the phone and get to work. After hours you are one button away from talking to a live technical dispatch that is ready to get the team working on your issue.

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