At Triada Networks we love stickers.  Whether its the our own logo or its for companies and causes we support. We’ve especially love their die cut ones.


Ok so why are we waxing on about stickers? We look at two kinds of stickers. Ones which are permanant (think asset tags) which are an important part of your equipment inventory management, as well as those that are more removable.  Why not allow your employees to use the latter kind to adorn their devices? its a great way to personalize them without the fuss of dealing with removal.

Two companies that we love working with for these are Maverick Label (for the asset tag kind) and Sticker Mule for example their Laptop Stickers.

Would you allow your employees to add stickers to their computers? It could a great company culture thing.

It’s not quite flare…but that’s a little less acceptable in a business setting…

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