Financial Services Support

Running a small business is hard enough. As an investment firm, whether or not you’re a registered investment adviser, adds a whole other level of complexity and stress. As an owner or partner in an investment company, technology responsibilities fall into your lap. Hiring the right team of professionals not only can smooth out the bumps in the road but can set your firm to truly scale, leveraging the talents of experts.

The threats to your business from regulators, cyber-thieves, and competitors are real. How do you keep your company on track to its goals without constantly looking over your shoulder?

What if Technology can give you leverage in your business, provide the security that you need that will also be what regulators are looking for (not just a checkbox). The financial markets are the circulatory system of the world economy. Keeping the life-blood of our country’s financial system running is a large task and even cardiologists need the help of a team of experts to help support that system.

Investment firms are looking for support when they need it and tools that help them do business more efficiently. The expect their systems to be available anywhere at anytime.

Compliance, Security, IP theft, Mobility, Availability

You can’t be ignorant of security, but you shouldn’t also let it ruin your business. Understand the risks, mitigate where possible, and provide a technology platform for employees to leverage.

The Triada 360 Service Plan provides investment firms the full range of technology support including help desk services 24x7, an engineering team that will keep their systems working in top shape, a managed secure network that is monitored and maintained by security experts, a fully managed business continuity system and plan, guidance on technology decisions and budgeting, support during compliance and discovery events, and an exclusive management framework that combines our years of experience, the best practices in industry, and financial compliance requirements. The Triada 360 is all about taking care of your technology investments while you take care of your client’s investments.