Business Telephone Systems

Even with the advent of modern communications systems: email, social media, text messaging, nothing replaces a telephone conversation. Your investment firm needs to still answer the calls of your clients and make connections with your partners. A reliable and cost-effective phone system that is disaster resistant is necessary to keep you and your clients connected.

Triada Networks offers a sophisticated, cost-effective, and disaster-resilient VoIP business phone systems. Our Triada Voice system are tailored to your unique needs while staying affordable. Whether you are replacing a traditional phone system or are tired of paying high prices for your current hosted phone system, give us a call at (201) 297-7778 today to learn hour Triada Voice can offer a better way.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones use the Internet connection rather than a traditional phone line. Regardless of where you are in the world, your phone will work as your own and you'll be able to easy reach your team as if they were right next to you (even if they are across the country). Triada Voice:

  • Savings: Triada Voice can be provided at a fixed flat-rate services with included minutes or unlimited usage.
  • Flexible: VoIP systems scale to your business, whether you need 5 or 50 phones, at one location or 5 offices.
  • Reliable and Convenient: Because the phone system relies on the Internet, it will work anywhere you have a connection.
  • Easy to Use: Your phones will feature a simple, user-friendly interface but still have all the advanced features you come to expect in a modern phone system.
  • Advanced: Our phones will let you access business class features normally unavailable on traditional phone networks for smaller businesses, such as:
    • PBX (Private branch exchange) capabilities
    • Conference calling
    • Automated phone attendants
    • Desk-to-desk calling
    • Music-on-hold
    • And more