Secure Mobile Devices

Modern business no longer takes place within four walls. Employees are traveling with laptops, mobile phones and tablets and are taking your business data along for the ride. How is that data protected from getting into the wrong hands?

Cloud-Managed Device Security

IT security can be daunting. As a business owner you want to provide the right tools for your employees whether they use their personal devices or the company provides equipment. Our Simply-Secure system makes it easy to provide centralized management of all of your devices, whether you do it yourself or you allow us to do it for you, and regardless of if its a Windows PC, a Mac, iPhones, or Android devices.

That’s great but why do I care?

  • Reporting of all status and device risks
  • Remote enforcement of passwords and security policy
  • Full encryption of all sensitive data to ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands
  • Immediate removal of data access with administrator enabled remote restoration
  • Wipe data off of lost or stolen equipment

Learn about how we can help protect your information regardless of where it is in the world. Give our experts a call. (201) 297-7778

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