Isn’t technology supposed to help you get more done in a day 

Of course, it is. However, if you’re an investment advisory firm your outdated infrastructure, complex regulatory compliances and security gaps, might be holding you back.

Do you worry about getting audited by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 

Do you wish you knew more about FINRA rules and how to follow them?  

Are you confident that you’re effectively meeting your regulatory compliance requirements such as the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) Cybersecurity Regulation (23 NYCRR 500)? 

Do you know you need better IT and cybersecurity policies but aren’t sure how to create and execute them? 

Are you struggling with how to keep yours and your client’s public and private data cybersecure, especially when working remotely? 

Are you concerned that your IT infrastructure and systems are too slow, outdated and lack the stability you need?  

You need streamlined IT Services that help you manage your data, client relationships and regulatory compliance requirements quickly and easily.

Here is what you need:

Strategic Technology Management:

Gain ongoing visibility and clarity into your IT systems and processes so you can make the best technology decisions for your company’s needs and budget.

Cybersecurity Monitoring and Data Protection

Remain secure even as the cyber threat landscape evolves, by having the proper protections in place.

Infrastructure Readiness & Performance

Continue your business activities as usual while we keep your infrastructure in shape to enhance your performance.

Learn more about how our Fully and Co-Managed IT Services plans will help you leverage your technology to keep you focused on growing your clients’ wealth. 

“We selected Triada Networks when we started Matarin Capital because of our past relationship with Raffi. Triada Networks has been a valuable ally as we have started our new business. Triada got our computers and network up and running quickly without any issues. They provided a flexible and understandable back-up and contingency plan for us. We never have to worry about our IT. Triada immediately solves every problem. If you want a service provider you can count on to ensure your network is always up to speed and always working at 100% and you want to work with reliable, helpful and down to earth people, choose Triada. Since the beginning, we’ve only worked with Triada, and we never plan to let them go. It’s been a pleasure to working with them.”

Valerie Malter, Co-Founder and Managing Principal, Matarin Capital Management