Matarin Capital Management, located in Stamford, Connecticut assists clients by developing and executing a wide range of investment strategies while utilizing fundamental and quantitative insights for large institutional investors. Co-Founder and Managing Principal, Valerie Malter discusses how they reached out to Triada Networks in implementing technology strategies effectively, while on a modest budget.

Matarin Capital Management is an investment management firm, responsible for managing money for large institutions across the U.S on a discretionary basis. Valerie explained, “Organizationally, the successful implementation of our technology infrastructure is critical across our business. Our staff often works in different locations and must be able to communicate with each other. Our trading, portfolio management and research structures are all technology dependent.

The situation: An investment firm requiring a full spectrum of IT services to help them manage and secure their data.

Matarin Capital Management required an IT services company that they could depend on, providing a quick and effective response to issues that may arise, as well as being committed to providing the best IT services possible. They wanted someone they could trust to get them started on a modest budget.

The solution: A server refresh, which includes the use of Windows Server 2012, Microsoft Hyper-V and Microsoft SQL, as well as implementing a managed laptop encryption program to protect client data and remain compliant with industry regulations.

Valerie expressed her decision to work with Triada Networks, “Raffi Jamgotchian worked with several members of our firm in prior jobs and we trusted him and valued his skills as a technology service provider. “

Compliance and protection of client data are of the utmost importance in the financial industry, and Triada Networks provides this by ensuring all systems are compliant, as well as handling all of the IT needs to ensure the highest level of security. Their range of services includes:

  • Business continuity
  • Full fixed-fee IT support
  • Website management
  • Virtual CIO/CISO
  • 24/7 help desk

As a result of the services offered, Matarin Capital Management has a stable IT environment that is supportive of the business and is available to them regardless of events. Valerie explained, “They are very responsive and committed to providing the best technology solutions possible. Without Triada Networks, and the work they do it would be much more challenging for us to run our business as fluidly as it’s currently run.”