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IT Services work best in concert with each other as each component strengthens and reinforces the next. To help you get the most out of your tech, we recommend our Fully Managed or Co-Managed plans.

App Security Assessment

An application security assessment (ASA) reviews all your web services and applications (whether developed internally or outsourced). The ASA searches for any significant security flaws that could easily be exploited by hackers intent on gaining illicit access to your data and systems. Once these risks are identified, you will receive actionable items to address them Also, depending on your industry, this assessment will help determine whether your applications meet the most current regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA or SOC 2. If they don’t, we’ll tell you how to remediate it.

Automated Patch Management

Patch management is the process of applying patches (code changes) to your operating systems, software, applications, hardware, firmware to prevent newly discovered vulnerabilities from being exploited by cybercriminals. Patches typically seek to remedy performance and security issues. Best practices include automating this process to ensure that your IT infrastructure and systems are patched quickly and consistently. In addition, this process generates patch reports, which help with compliance reporting and audits.

Asset Management

Asset management refers to the process of documenting, deploying, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of assets throughout their life cycle. “Assets refers to your hardware, software systems or information. Managing them effectively is critical to any major security framework. It’s important to continue to update all devices that are connected to your network, regardless of their use, until they are disconnected, scrubbed and properly disposed of. Failure to consistently install the latest software and OS releases can lead to security vulnerabilities that are easily exploited by hackers. 

Backup and Disaster Recovery Testing

Backup and disaster recovery testing is an essential component of a disaster recovery plan and business resilience. It ensures that your disaster recovery or business continuity plan is viable, meaning that your data replication software and methods can dependably restore your IT systems after a disaster. This testing identifies any existing flaws in your plan and addresses them so that you can reliably restore operations when needed. 

Cabling Solutions

Cabling solutions are an important part of your entire network and IT infrastructure. It’s part of what makes your internet, VoIP, and cloud services able to operate. If you’re building out a new site or upgrading your existing infrastructure, you’ll need structured cabling options including Cat6, and fiber optic cabling.

Conference Room Systems

Conference room systems (CRS) are necessary to host and lead effective hybrid meetings with both on-site and remote staff. These systems include audio and visual components such as conference cameras, speakerphones, micro-PCs, monitors, televisions, and software technologies such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The equipment and technology needed to meet your conferencing needs will depend on the size and location of your team. We’ll help you choose the right commercial conference systems while leveraging your existing tools and resources, to best fit your budget and your business 

Cloud Services Management

Cloud service management ensures that your cloud infrastructure’s resources and services are being used efficiently to avoid cloud sprawl and increased costs. This enables you to better control and scale these environments based on your company’s evolving needs. 

Custom Software Development

Custom software development is available for companies that need additional help in customizing and streamlining their IT systems. Common projects include creating integrated research systems, client-facing investor portals, and business intelligence systems. Please contact us if you have a special project in mind.

Cloud / Unified Communication

Cloud/unified communication is also known as “hosted” Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP is a business phone service that routes calls via the internet. This makes it flexible, scalable, and highly portable. However, it’s vital to have the right cabling and internet connections to ensure consistent phone services.

Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity services help defend your computers, services, mobile devices, electronic systems and data from bad actors and their malicious attacks. Effective cybersecurity plans contain many layers and components that work together to give you the best protection available. Click here to learn more about our cybersecurity service. 

Data Protection

Data protection helps secure and prevent illicit or unauthorized use of your information by bad actors. However, depending on your industry, you may need to comply with certain regulatory requirements and cybersecurity protocols or face hefty fines and a damaged reputation.

Documentation Management

Document management is essential to providing you with consistent IT service regardless of the particular IT technician that is assisting you at any given time. In addition, having documentation grants you some self-service-type capabilities that enable you to handle certain IT issues quickly and efficiently.

Endpoint Security

The endpoint is where all computing takes place. Its where you interact with all your systems and services in your office or in the cloud. Endpoint security enables you to restrict the use of sensitive data, website access, and corporate networks to specific users and applications. Our approach includes a comprehensive suite of tools that include managed advanced endpoint detection and response, application allow-listing, and web filtering. 

Network Security

Network security protects the underlying network infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse, or theft. It accomplishes this by using multiple technologies (firewall, anti-malware software, email security, etc.), devices (computers and mobile phones), and processes to create a set of rules and configurations. These rules and configurations use hardware and software to secure your computer networks and data from hackers.  

Managed reports

Managed reports are regular updates that outline the work performed on your IT infrastructure and systems. They capture pertinent data on multiple parts of your IT Services including support usage patterns, phish testing outcomes, security awareness training, patch compliance, availability, and much more. These reports are vital to tracking and proving updates and improvements made to your IT Services and might be required for regulatory compliance.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, also known as “ethical hacking,” assumes the role of an “adversary” by attempting to break into your network and access your private systems closed. In order to access your systems, we’ll use a range of tactics including network attacks, custom malware, and social engineering such as phishing or phone impersonation. The purpose is to identify any weaknesses that could enable unauthorized parties to gain entry to your IT networks. This is typically included in a full security assessment.

Performance Monitoring and Maintenance

Performance monitoring and maintenance tracks and repairs any IT infrastructure and systems performance issues. This is integral to optimizing your hardware, software and other components to create and maintain stable, reliable and high-performing IT systems.

Policy Creation and Management

Policy and creation management makes sure that you have the proper policies and plans in place to keep your IT secure and efficient. Creating, communicating and maintaining policies helps mitigate your risks. We can help with policies such as Business Continuity, Breach Incident Response, Data Loss and Retention, Bring Your Own Device, Cloud Application Acceptable Use, Passwords, General Security Policies and Procedures, and more.

Private Cloud Infrastructure

Private cloud infrastructure creates a proprietary environment for businesses. Private cloud makes it easier to configure your environment to meet your firm’s unique needs. The physical infrastructure can either be housed on-site at your offices or a data center.

Security Monitoring

Security monitoring collects and analyzes threats to your IT infrastructure and systems. Once threats are identified, we take care of them swiftly and appropriately. This process is mostly automated to ensure consistent and timely coverage.

Public Cloud Management with Centralized Billing

Public cloud management with centralized billing is a virtual resource available to the public via the internet. These are typically a more budget-friendly option than the private cloud. Examples of public clouds include Microsoft Azure, Google, Amazon, etc.

Technical Assessments

Technical assessments evaluate your IT infrastructure and systems for security vulnerabilities, gaps, areas of improvement. They also uncover and track all of your assets to make sure they’re regularly maintained to prevent additional security risks. Assessments help us map out a plan and set priorities based on your business goals and IT budget.

Vendor Management

Vendor management means that we manage all your IT-related vendors including your phone (VoIP), internet, cloud storage, and cable providers as well as any line-of-business (LOB) application vendors and more. Managing multiple vendors can be a time drain. This is where the right IT partner can save you time and frustration.

Virtual Chief Information (Security) Officer (vCIO/vCISO)

VCIO/vCISOs provide technology strategy for your company and ensure that your entire network infrastructure is operating smoothly. It’s the equivalent of having an IT expert on your team without having to manage them. They’ll guide you towards what IT strategies and tools are the best fit for your firm and how to spend your budget for the most return on your technology.

“Triada Networks allows us to operate efficiently on a day-to-day basis. Also, with the support we receive, I have more freedom to be away from the office. I’m always able to access what I need from our IT systems, no matter what time or what country I’m in. It is without hesitation that I would and have recommended them to other firms. Their business value has been immeasurable.”

Margaret Riley, Partner, Vedanta Capital Management

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