Everything You Need to Know About 5G

The future of our network is here! 5G has arrived and is released now but not widespread. Although it’s exciting to hear of such ultra-fast feeds and massive capacity, 5G also comes with its increased exposure of attacks too. 5G comes with its own set of security risks and it will entail many new vulnerabilities that we have to work through. We want to share with you the top security risks associated with 5G in your business. These will be important for you to look out for as 5G becomes more widespread.

Although the new 5G technology promises lower latency, greater stability, the ability to connect more devices at once, and move even more data in the process, it still comes with a cost too.

5G Security Risk with Your Business

  • It’s a bigger network so it will handle more than any network has had to in the past and with that, it can be harder to manage and monitor. Which would give an opportunity for some to find weaknesses in 5G and exploit them?
  • IoT “Internet of Things” will still be around with 5G and a lot of them are still vulnerable to hackers and with 5G they will just be able to move faster in compromising a device.
  • Another problem could be authentication overload. It will be responsible for authenticating billions of devices in such a small area. Just think of everything a household operates using Wi-Fi, not just cell phones and tablets.
  • 5G is still software so that means it still has the possibility of being vulnerable to malware. Mobile carriers won’t be able to manage 5G alone so that will mean contracting it out and having more people involved which could bring a security risk either purposely or accidentally.
  • Businesses will need to start screening everything before it is put on the network from devices to IoT, and third-party apps. And possibly investing in machine learning and monitoring to help gather information needed to identify and respond to threats that 5G speed will have.

5G is coming and as a business, you may see the impact of it within the year or next few years. It’s best now to start preparing for the exciting new features but also the security risks that are involved too.  With anything that is new, it will be important to stay informed and up to date on all the new information that comes out about 5G. One way you can do so and be prepared for what your business needs are by allowing Triada to partner with you for your cybersecurity needs. We’d be happy to set up some time to discuss further with you here.


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