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Secure your data and systems every second of the day from prowling cybercriminals. 

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Industry Certified

Our experts maintain the most exhaustive vetting, guaranteeing those that successfully emerge are the finest the industry could boast of. With this incredibly sophisticated team, rest assured your data, and your client’s data are in safe hands.

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We get the job done – and we get it done fast! Our security solutions remarkably combine functionality, speed, and efficiency, ultimately maximizing performance.  

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We prioritize the integrity of your data, protecting you from malicious intruders strewn across the internet. This is achieved by a remarkable combination of top-grade information security expertise and tools, ensuring that your databases, network, and websites are thoroughly secured.

Secure your data Today.

How We Can Help

Managed Cyber Security Services

Are you bored of running helter-skelter because of information technology failures, suffering costly downtime, and slumps in productivity? How about you dump that burden on our capable shoulders by outsourcing your information technology maintenance and optimization to our specialists?

By becoming your single point of contact information security provider, our managed cyber security service relieves you of the persistent migraines of information security management, even averting costly failures by being strategic proactive.

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Disaster Planning

At Triada Networks, we don’t just stop at disaster anticipation, we take the extra hard step of planning for it. Our disaster preparedness framework is outstanding, compromising top-notch incident response planning, managed detection, and response involving containment, elimination, and recovery.

With us on board, regardless of the enormity of the disaster, you are gliding right back seamlessly like it never happened!

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Threat Hunting

It is possible malicious programs have evaded your initial endpoint security defences and lurking around. No panic, our team of top-class security analysts will fish out those cyber threats, isolate them, and eradicate them without a fuss.

Unlike others, we don’t guess. Our threat intelligence systems and service leverage the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning systems, ensuring that no cybersecurity threats are slipping past.

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Incident Response Services

We are the 911 of the cybersecurity world! Reach out to us if you feel any risk or if your systems have been compromised.

We managed to curate the finest team of incident responders in the United States, fantastic at minimizing the breach’s impact and averting a potential reoccurrence.

We promptly identify your vulnerabilities, execute penetration testing, security risk assessments, system monitoring, comprehensive security audits, and make reports for law enforcement authorities.

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Malware Detection and Removal

We maximize top malware detection removal technologies like signature-based detection, heuristic analysis, and sandbox to ensure your systems are completely rid of the malware.


Managed Web Applications

We maximize top malware detection removal technologies like signature-based detection, heuristic analysis, and sandbox to ensure your systems are completely rid of the malware.


Complete Website Security

As you deal with high-profile clients, it is crucial your website be optimally secure. You will find that security at Triada Networks. We eliminate every point of vulnerability or cybersecurity threats from your website.



Don’t leave your digital security to chance; leave it to your top experts at Triada Networks. From network security to security services, application security to malware defense to cloud security, we are the hands for the job. 

How did we build our enviable reputation as one of the most reliable cybersecurity firms around? Only by consistently beating the expectations of our clients, and we can’t wait to beat yours too.

Our Expert Team

What do you get when you bring a pack of geniuses together? Triada Networks! We pride in our team being rigorously picked from the top 5% of the cybersecurity industry.

More than being overloaded with brains, these individuals are extremely professional, confidential, and ethical: the perfect pie of brilliance and integrity!

Raffi Jamgotchian, CEO

Raffi Jamgotchian

President and CTO
Aline Jamgotchian, CFO

Aline Jamgotchian

CFO and Co-Founder
Poulos Collins-Roberts

Poulos Collins-Roberts


We Are Transparent

Cybersecurity can be highly technical, but unless others, we don’t hide mediocrity behind such technicality. We have a robust transparency policy that ensures every one of our clients is well informed and approves of every step we take while delivering our technology solutions.

Such transparency, we believe, will help you make us more accountable and answerable. This way, rather than guessing how well we are helping you, you can accurately quantify our input and choose to continue with us or not as a cybersecurity solutions partner.

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Invest in Data Security Today

Take your IT security to the next level and work with a firm you can trust.

Triada Networks has over 20 years of financial cyber security experience and a passion for keeping your data safe like no other.

How Do Hackers Get Access?

Dangers like phishing attacks that target unsuspecting employees and unsecure Wi-Fi connections by staff on mobile devices are just two examples of how a door can be opened for hackers.

Scammers might also create an email address that is similar to that of the company’s CEO, CFO, or tech department and email the company employees asking for passwords or sensitive information. Employees, hoping to comply with the orders of their boss, give this information willingly, putting the entire company at risk.

Hackers can gain access by any number of methods, and while your employees should know the procedures for password disclosure, they shouldn’t ever have to guess. Instead, implement top notch cyber security services from Triada to avoid the problem completely.

How Much Does a Data Breach Cost?

Unless you have the proper security in place, it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean up the aftermath of just one data breach.

According to The Cost of Data Breach Study by Ponemon Institute & IBM Security, just a single breached record can cost a financial firm $215. Multiplied by 200 records, that’s $43,000 and it only goes up from there.

The financial services industry is among the key targets for hacking because of the access to financial data they hold.

Although you might sigh at the thought of adding high quality cyber security services to your monthly fees, consider it an insurance payment that could save you hundreds of thousands, or even millions depending on the size of your firm, in the long run.

Where Can You FInd Airtight IT Security?

Airtight IT security means that you can sleep well at night, knowing that someone has a watchful eye on your systems and data at all times.

Triada Networks provides a complete and comprehensive IT security plan and IT support for financial firms that address regulations for both Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and non-RIAs. When it comes to SEC, FINRA, FISMA, and other regulatory bodies, our team are experts on both regulatory compliance and keeping financial data networks safe and secure.

Reasons the Financial Industry Relies on Triada Networks for IT Security

The financial industry has long relied on Triada’s business continuity plans to ensure their cybersecurity.

Join some of the world’s most influential financial firms in protecting your data. Read on to see why Triada Networks leads the way for cyber security compliance and services.

Why Our Customers Love Us

“Raffi is a true leader of what every business owner should exemplify. I have been a client of Triada Network’s for 10 years and I have been more than satisfied with their service they provided. Coming from a business owner myself, working with Triada Network has been a true pleasure. The quality of service they provide is five star and will never leave you in the dark if you are stuck with a computer problem. If you are looking for a company to protect your network, I highly recommend Triada Network.”


“I have worked with Triada Networks and Raffi Jamgotchian for approximately 4 years. His dedication to our projects has been above and beyond client expectations. He has an understanding of what is needed to complete a project and helps to guide the client in directions they didn’t know were possible. He is a pleasure to collaborate and work with.”


“I have had the pleasure of working with Triada recently on two successful web sites. The web sites do what we requested and more. When we need changes or additional functionality – Raffi gets it done. I could not be happier and that is why we went to him for the 2nd web site. I would recommend Triada for anyone’s IT needs.”


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