Business Continuity and Incident Response

The consequences of a disaster on an under-protected company can mean unwanted expense, lost revenue, and even loss of business. Even if you have your data is backed up, how quickly can you get your business restored? Clearly a solution requires more than just backup.


Intelligent Business Continuity

Triada Recover is a collection of critical services that help companies avoid data loss and recovery quickly in the event of disaster- small or large.​

Automated Assurance

Triada Recover uses automated assurance which is an ongoing process that gives you peace of mind and keeps a watchful eye on changes in yours systems data. What this means is that unlike most companies that test their disaster recovery once a year- if they even do that- backups are tested for viability daily to avoid any data loss.​

Continuous Protection

Triada Recover’s Continuous Protection stores your data in such a way that you can keep your data points for as long as you need. Unlike other backups that take points along the way that can get corrupt causing the entire chain of backups to become useless, our continuous protection system coupled with the automated assurance makes sure that all of your backup points are available to you when you need it.​

Stored Securely

No backup system is worth its salt if you can’t recover. Triada Recover provides near instant recovery whether its on-site during a local event when a single server is out of commission due to hardware failure or virus infection, or its a whole-site event such as a fire or other natural disaster.

Instant Recovery

Triada Recover not only transmits it securely but it also stores it securely off-site. Is your data stored in a safe, secure datacenter that has the ability to quickly restore after a disaster?​