Why Financial Firms are Being Targeted by Hackers

It's not surprising that financial firms are being targeted by hackers.  Cyberattacks on financial firms are up! According to the reports that come out of Threat Connect, a leading threat intelligence firm, companies in the financial industry are typically the most...

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How to Avoid the “Say Yes” Phone Scam

Phone scammers are getting more clever by the day as they are adopting a tactic (well, has been used some in the past but now seeing a spike again) where they trick or try to convince you to say "yes" on the call. This "yes" can be the beginning of fraud. We are...

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Cybersecurity for Kids Part 3- Video Games

All things must come to an end including our cybersecurity for kid's blog series. Did you know that 66% of Tweens aged 8-12 years old play video games for an average of 2.5 hours a day and 56% Teens aged 13-17 play video games 2.5 hours a day? With video games can...

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Cybersecurity for Kids Part 2- Tablets

As tablets become more and more popular with our children, we need to make sure they are using them safely. According to Ofcom, more than one in three children aged 5-7 have their own tablet and this goes up to half of all children in the age group of 8-11 years...


Cybersecurity for Kids Part 1- Cell Phones

We are starting a new series about Kids Cybersecurity. In the days we live in, it’s crucial to protect our kids from the threats lurking around online. Did you know that 56% of tweens (ages 8-12) and 77% of teens (ages 12-17) have a cell phone? That is a large...

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Beware of Charity Scams as Scammers are Lurking

?Beware of Charity Scams! ? After any major disaster, the hackers come ready to take advantage of people just trying to give towards a great cause. Here are some must-see tips for when you donate to a charity:⁣ ✔️Research the Charity- stick with charities you know...

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