Who is Watching Your Backup?

Would you have seen that ball coming?  Evan Longoria acted instinctively to protect himself and the reporter. Who is watching your back up? Your data is important to your business.
If your business is like most, you can’t afford to have your operations to be halted for a day due to a crashed server, data loss or corruption.
Is your backup at risk? Are you sure that its working? Unfortunately most business owners find out too late.  It’s a terrible feeling to find out that your backup system has not been working for months when you try to recover a file or your system crashes.
Let us come out and make that catch for you.


Are your backups working for you?


Raffi got his first computer at the age of 7 when his dad brought home a Texas Instruments TI-99. In Jr. High, Raffi began exploring Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes) in the mid-80s and ran one with a few of his friends for a couple of years. Although he found out that being a computer nerd in the late 80s in High School was not in style, Raffi continued to pursue his hobbies.

In 1993, Raffi graduated with a B.S. in Computer and Systems Engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and began working with Crestron Electronics as a Systems Engineer programming custom control systems for boardrooms, conference centers, education, medical facilities and arenas. His work in this area led him in 1995 to Chancellor Capital Management which was later purchased by INVESCO. Initially working as a help-desk technician and overnight job scripter, Raffi went on to become the Help Desk manager and later the Director of IT Infrastructure for New York. In 2006, Raffi left INVESCO to help start a boutique investment firm and in 2008, left to start Triada Networks.

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