Affordable, Resilient, and Reliable Business Phone Service with Star2Star

VoIP is all about standards. It allows you to use best-of-breed components an an affordable way. So how can one system be better than others? TriadaVoice powered by Star2Star implements a Blended Architecture (patent-pending) which provides your business an end-to-end fully-managed and fully-monitored system. Star2Star uses half the bandwidth of its competitors, with better voice quality and better resiliency to outages.

TriadaVoice is the best of hosted voice systems and the best of on-premises systems with features and reliability that was only available in systems costing many thousands of dollars more.  TriadaVoice delivers unparalleled flexibility and reliability, formerly available only in systems costing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Voice Quality

Star2Star’s unique Blended Architecture combines an on-premise phone system with a suite of hosted services to create a complete, feature-rich communications system. But one of our most important features is the high quality of the telephone calls.   The end result is clearer, more intelligible calls with no distortion or delay.

An exceptional phone system requires an exceptional network. The Star2Star Constellation Network co-locates Star2Star services with Level (3) phone gateways to provide excellent call quality by virtually eliminating network delays between Star2Star and the standard phone networks.

End-to-End Reliability

How would down-time in your phone system affect your business? Could you live with a couple hours or days without phone service? With TriadaVoice powered by Star2Star, you’ll never have to know. Every Star2Star system automatically monitors itself and reports potential problems to Star2Star’s support center. These problems may be as simple as an unplugged phone or as serious as a power outage or network outage.

Star2Star’s automatic backup and fail-over protection features ensure your business will always be able to receive incoming calls, even if your business loses power or Internet connectivity.


The typical TriadaVoice by Star2Star customer to cut their phone bills up to 50%. Our customers save money in several ways:

  • Lower monthly bills
  • Pool phone lines together across multiple locations
  • Allow for calls to burst beyond the number of designated lines, never a busy signal
  • Low long distance rates and competitive toll-free and international rates
  • Unlimited Voice Mail that forwards to email
  • Free conferencing capabilities
  • Free interoffice calls

Even if your current phone system is still working, you can switch to Star2Star and realize positive cash flow from the very first month! Even better, by financing the equipment upgrade, you can usually save money, even after you factor in the cost of the lease payments.