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Raffi Jamgotchian, President/CTO

Raffi Jamgotchian

Raffi Jamgotchian
Triada Networks

Raffi got his first computer at the age of 7 when his dad brought home a Texas Instruments TI-99.  TI-99/4He spent many hours programming the external speech synthesizer with random robotic sounding phrases. Later a large CP/M machine found its way to the garage where Raffi learned to code in BASIC. But fortunately an Apple IIe entered his life with a Microsoft CP/M card in it so you could dual boot either CPM or Apple’s ProDOS. Raffi’s uncle then bought a C compiler for Raffi which then began his learning experience there.

Apple IIe with DuoDisk

In Jr. High, Raffi began exploring Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes) in the mid-80s and ran one with a few of his friends for a couple of years. Although he found out that being a computer nerd in the late 80s in High School was not in style, Raffi continued to pursue his hobbies.

In 1993, Raffi graduated with a B.S. in Computer and Systems Engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and began working with Crestron Electronics as a Systems Engineer programming custom control systems for board rooms, conference centers, education, medical facilities and arenas. His work in this area led him in 1995 to Chancellor Capital Management which was later purchased by INVESCO. Initially working as a help-desk technician and overnight job scripter, Raffi went on to become the Help Desk manager and later the Director of IT Infrastructure for New York. In 2006, Raffi left INVESCO to help start a boutique investment firm, Canaras Capital Management and in 2008, left to start Triada Networks.


The Team at Daybreak Virtual Staffing….

Daybreak Virtual Staffing serves as a contact point for Triada Network’s clients, vendors, and others who call our office. Their primary role is to answer phones, ensure clients get connected to the right people, schedule/reschedule appointments, and monitor and handle other tasks.

Daybreak is an American based, virtual/off-site staffing solution established in 2006 to provide secretarial and administrative support to small and mid-sized businesses. Daybreak is known for customizing their processes to seamlessly mesh with those of their clients.

Triada Networks Help Desk

The Triada Networks Help Desk team serve as the first point of contact for clients on service contracts. They are available 24×7 on any day to answer questions, help through problems, and if necessary escalate concerns to senior staff.