Take us for granted, please.

IT is the unsung hero of a business because our efforts often go unnoticed, seamlessly blending into the fabric of the business.  People wave us off to go back to work the instant we get them up and running.  We take pride in our work and don’t mind being taken from granted.

What’s our response? Work harder and forge ahead with the knowledge that being taken for granted is the highest compliment we can receive.

Take us for granted, please!!!  Many of us remember the days without computers, servers, Internet, cell phones, answering machines, call waiting, caller ID, email, texting, fax machines and other forms of instant communication.   Now, we take it all for granted – when it works!!!

Well, we don’t always get taken for granted…

Ben Blinder, Global Business Development – TRI-K Industries
Stuart Kaye, Founder – Matarin Capital Management
Alessandro Piol, Managing Partner – Vedanta Capital Management

Alessandro Piol - Vedanta Capital ManagementI have always enjoyed interacting with Raffi because he has a deep understanding of many enterprise-related technologies, so he can look at a problem as a whole, as opposed to just recommending a point solution. He is also passionate about what he does, so you can talk to him about different issues and he takes an intellectual interest to finding the best solution: if he doesn’t know the answer, he researches it and finds it. Raffi is good at providing explanations about complex things.

Anthony Clemente, CEO/Founder – Canaras Capital Management

Anthony Clemente - Canaras Capital ManagementOur outside cable carrier had a problem with his vendor of which we were unaware; but Triada Networks was addressing the situation and had the problem addressed before we knew it.

Rupa Ranganathan, Investor Relations – NSR Partners

Rupa Ranganathan - NSR PartnersSpeed of Response matched by a problem-solution approach to a task. [Triada Networks provides a] personalized service that is very professional.

Valerie Malter, Founder – Matarin Capital Management

Valerie Malter - Matarin Capital ManagementTriada Networks has been a valuable ally as we have started our new business. Triada got our computers and network up and running quickly and without problem, provided a flexible and understandable back-up/contingency plan for us, and has been available in a timely manner when there has been a glitch. The help desk is, well, helpful when there is a problem, and the company’s CEO, Raffi Jamgotchian has been accessible and hands-on since the beginning of our relationship. It’s been a pleasure to work with Triada.